Take pics with your voice on the iPhone

Voice Command Camera app iPhone  Voice Command Camera app iPhone 2  Voice Command Camera app iPhone 3

I have a Samsung Galaxy Note2. It’s my to go phone for taking pictures. You use commands like “smile” or “cheese” to snap pics without having to press the shutter button (great for rear camera selfies). Sadly, the iPhone doesn’t have this feature.

I tried googeling for an answer, but Apple doesn’t have this feature on the iPhone. So I tried googeling for an app, and I found a couple. The one that worked for me is Voice Command Camera. It’s free (if you don’t mind ads on the bottom), or $.99 to go add-free.

It’s a basic app with just three commands: “rear view” and “front view” to switch between the cameras; and “take photo” to snap one. The voice commands worked well with me, but you have to manually go to the gallery to view the pics you took. You can’t check them right there in the app. And this isn’t something that’ll get covered with an app update, because the app hasn’t been updated since 2012. But if you’re looking for something that’ll let you take a pic with your voice on the iPhone, then this app does that perfectly.

Here’s the link to Voice Command Camera app [iTunes].

Photo of Young Sh. Jaber & Sh. Sabah صورة قديمة للشيخ جابر و الشيخ صباح

Young Sh. Jaber w Sh. Sabah

Here’s a picture of Sh. Jaber and Sh. Sabah, taken with Murad Behbehani. I don’t know how old the picture is, but my guess is it’s probably 50 years old. All three men look dashing, especially Sh. Sabah in this pic. Kuwaitis really do have style.

Sh. Jaber just got handsomer and handsomer with age, God rest his soul. By the tim he became Emir, he was the best looking man out there. He was truly handsome.

Pic [credit].

Instagram introduces video

Instagram video



Instagram introduced a new service to its app; Instagram videos. You can shoot, edit (13 different filters and complete video cutting), and upload 15 second videos to your account right from your phone.

Instagram co-founder Kevin Systrom shows off a new video tool for the social-networking service that lets users capture a 15-second video clip, add up to 13 filters, and share it with friends. The feature is available starting today via iPhone and Android.

[Pic credit].

Pic Monkey photo editor, a whole lot easier than photoshop

Pic Monkey photo picture online editor

PicMonkey is an online photo editor. It’s easy, fast, fun, and whimsical. It’s a whole lot easier and faster than iPhoto on the Mac, and a million times easier than Photoshop. If all you want are simple changes to your pictures, then you’ll definitely like this site.

Pic Monkey online editor 12  Pic Monkey online editor 11  Pic Monkey online editor 10  Pic Monkey online editor 6

Pic Monkey online editor 5  Pic Monkey online editor 3  Pic Monkey online editor 2  Pic Monkey online editor 1

It’s got a tone of funny effects like zombies and vampires, and cool ones like light strobes and sky stars. Some other features I really like are the: eyeliner, weight loss (imagine that), eyeliner, eyebrow pencil, eyeshadow, nip and tuck (cute name), and hair highlights (didn’t know you could do that). It’s like working with a super charged Instagram, and it’s just as fun.

PicMonkey light strobe effect  PicMonkey space stars effect  PicMonkey Smug effect

These pics here are with smudgy, sky stars, and light strobe effects.

I only tried the site a few times and I haven’t even registered for it, that’s why I have the monkey stamp on the pictures. When I want to edit a pic, I just go to the site and upload a pic (takes 2 seconds). And when I’m through with my editing, I just snap a screenshot and close the window (instead of signing in), and I’m done.

booking.com weird hotel adn destination recommendations

This was the original pic I worked with today. It was a random thing of booking.com’s recommendations. I found it ironic they got Madina and Vegas on top of each other. It’s like they’re telling me to go to sin city then purge my sins in Madina.  See what I mean by ironic? They ain’t funny. 

Here’s the [link] to PicMonkey, enjoy.

Start tagging people on Instagram



Instagram finally added a people-tagging feature, so you can directly tag people rather than having to mention them in your heading or comment. This is a great feature, it’ll make Instagram even more fun.

  • You’ll get a notification of any tag, and the photos will be a “Photos of You” section.
  • You can control your tags privacy setting as you like.
  • You can tag old pictures, but you’ll have to do that manually.

Update your Instagram to version 3.5 to get the new tagging feature.

Finally: Surf Instagram on the Web

Instagram has finally added a web portal for users. Starting this week, all Instagram users will have their own online profile page. People can view, comment, and like pictures right from their browser; but you still have to upload pictures via your phone. Another note to consider, private profiles still remain private and only accessible to those who you’ve allowed.

These are a few screen shots of our own Buzfairy on Instagram profile page. Check out yours soon, the website is pretty neat. And if you need help, just check Instagram’s post [here].

Zain’s Mother’s Day Photo Booth at Avenues Mall

Take a memorable shot for your mum , Express the way you feel for her , how much you love her, miss her , respect her .. all we want is for you to express your feelings in a picture !

You can write whatever message you want with whatever POSE you want ;) You can bring your mother and enjoy your photo shoot with her as well ;)

We are having a small fun competition on  Zain facebook Fanpage where we will be uploading the pictures live on facebook and Top 5 pictures with the most “likes” will win his Mother an iphone 4S  ( of course only the pictures that gave us the permission to upload their pictures will be live on facebook ). All the terms and condition are uploaded on our facebook page www.facebook.com/q8zain

Day of Event – 21st March. Time- 10.00 AM to 10.00 PM !

Cut People Out Of Your Pictures



You can remove unwanted people with this program. Imagine that. This program is called “Remove”, and it will premier in the 2012 Mobile World Conference (MWC) that is taking place in Barcelona from February 27 to March 1.

[Link] A new technology is about to be showcased at Mobile World Congress. Scalado, a world-leading provider of high-performance imaging technologies is set to release their newest product, Scalado Remove. Scalado Remove will help you capture the perfect picture by removing unwanted subjects from the picture.

How many times have you tried to take a picture of someone with a bunch of moving subjects in the background? It happens all the time, especially while on vacation. With Scalado Remove, you will be able to take pictures of your subject, and then remove unwanted subjects from the background, giving you a better picture of your intended subject.

Scalado Remove works by taking multiple images in a row. Once the pictures are snapped, it analyzes them and lets you remove potentially unwanted objects from the picture. The removable objects are moving objects that were captured when the picture was taken.

Zain’s Instagram Competition مسابقة إحنا عشقناها للتصوير

Zain is having a photography competition, in celebration of our national holidays. The prizes are very cool, winners will get a MacBook Air 11″ and DSLR cameras!

I’ve been eyeing the 11″ MacAir for quite sometime now. Unfortunately for me, I’m not that good in photography, so I probably won’t be winning this competition. That means you chance in winning just got a little better. Make sure to check out Zain’s Facebook page for all the rules and regulations.

The competition is about showing our love to our beloved country Kuwait. To participate, take a picture that have a heart shape and the use of the four colors of the Kuwaiti flag. Use your imagination and show your love through creativity.

• Participants should have an Instagram Account and follow @ZainKuwait in order to participate.

• Originality of the picture is a must, Picture taken from a website or stolen will be disqualified.

• Pictures must not contain any text, signature, name or watermark.

• All pictures should be sent to the following email : Instagram.kw@kw.zain.com

• Every participant got the right to participate with one picture only.

• Zain have the right to disqualify any inappropriate or stolen image. Without any prior notice.

• All pictures will be uploaded on the 21st of Febreuary 2012.

• @ZainKuwait Account will be shifted from (Public) to (Private) During the 5 days of the voting phase.

• Submissions will start today, and last day for receiving pictures is the 20th of February 2012, Any picture after that will be void.

• Voting will start on the 21st and will end on the 26th by midnight.

• Highest three winners in likes will win valuable prizes.

• The email must provide Name, Mobile number and your instagram account.

• The first winner will get Apple MacBook Air 11”

• Second and third winners will get Canon EOS 550D Camera

More pics of Roberto Carlos at Al-Roudan Tournament مزيد من صور النجم روبيرتو كارلوس بدورة الروضان




All pictures are taken from Al-Roudan Tournament’s site كل الصور مأخوذة من موقع دورة الروضان 

اضغطوا هني لفيديو حصري من فوتبول ارابيا لروبيرتو كارلوس يلعب بالكرة بدورة الروضان عصر اليوم

Click here for more pics of Roberto Carlos at Al-Roudan Tournament اضغطوا هني لمزيد من الصور السابقة لروبيرتو كارلوس بدورة الروضان