Take pics with your voice on the iPhone

Voice Command Camera app iPhone  Voice Command Camera app iPhone 2  Voice Command Camera app iPhone 3

I have a Samsung Galaxy Note2. It’s my to go phone for taking pictures. You use commands like “smile” or “cheese” to snap pics without having to press the shutter button (great for rear camera selfies). Sadly, the iPhone doesn’t have this feature.

I tried googeling for an answer, but Apple doesn’t have this feature on the iPhone. So I tried googeling for an app, and I found a couple. The one that worked for me is Voice Command Camera. It’s free (if you don’t mind ads on the bottom), or $.99 to go add-free.

It’s a basic app with just three commands: “rear view” and “front view” to switch between the cameras; and “take photo” to snap one. The voice commands worked well with me, but you have to manually go to the gallery to view the pics you took. You can’t check them right there in the app. And this isn’t something that’ll get covered with an app update, because the app hasn’t been updated since 2012. But if you’re looking for something that’ll let you take a pic with your voice on the iPhone, then this app does that perfectly.

Here’s the link to Voice Command Camera app [iTunes].

Pic Monkey photo editor, a whole lot easier than photoshop

Pic Monkey photo picture online editor

PicMonkey is an online photo editor. It’s easy, fast, fun, and whimsical. It’s a whole lot easier and faster than iPhoto on the Mac, and a million times easier than Photoshop. If all you want are simple changes to your pictures, then you’ll definitely like this site.

Pic Monkey online editor 12  Pic Monkey online editor 11  Pic Monkey online editor 10  Pic Monkey online editor 6

Pic Monkey online editor 5  Pic Monkey online editor 3  Pic Monkey online editor 2  Pic Monkey online editor 1

It’s got a tone of funny effects like zombies and vampires, and cool ones like light strobes and sky stars. Some other features I really like are the: eyeliner, weight loss (imagine that), eyeliner, eyebrow pencil, eyeshadow, nip and tuck (cute name), and hair highlights (didn’t know you could do that). It’s like working with a super charged Instagram, and it’s just as fun.

PicMonkey light strobe effect  PicMonkey space stars effect  PicMonkey Smug effect

These pics here are with smudgy, sky stars, and light strobe effects.

I only tried the site a few times and I haven’t even registered for it, that’s why I have the monkey stamp on the pictures. When I want to edit a pic, I just go to the site and upload a pic (takes 2 seconds). And when I’m through with my editing, I just snap a screenshot and close the window (instead of signing in), and I’m done.

booking.com weird hotel adn destination recommendations

This was the original pic I worked with today. It was a random thing of booking.com’s recommendations. I found it ironic they got Madina and Vegas on top of each other. It’s like they’re telling me to go to sin city then purge my sins in Madina.  See what I mean by ironic? They ain’t funny. 

Here’s the [link] to PicMonkey, enjoy.

Start tagging people on Instagram



Instagram finally added a people-tagging feature, so you can directly tag people rather than having to mention them in your heading or comment. This is a great feature, it’ll make Instagram even more fun.

  • You’ll get a notification of any tag, and the photos will be a “Photos of You” section.
  • You can control your tags privacy setting as you like.
  • You can tag old pictures, but you’ll have to do that manually.

Update your Instagram to version 3.5 to get the new tagging feature.

Finally: Surf Instagram on the Web

Instagram has finally added a web portal for users. Starting this week, all Instagram users will have their own online profile page. People can view, comment, and like pictures right from their browser; but you still have to upload pictures via your phone. Another note to consider, private profiles still remain private and only accessible to those who you’ve allowed.

These are a few screen shots of our own Buzfairy on Instagram profile page. Check out yours soon, the website is pretty neat. And if you need help, just check Instagram’s post [here].

Fake pictures of Hurricane Sandy

With Hurricane Sandy looking to be the strongest storm the US has ever faced, the internet filled with many face pictures of it and its divestation. Here’s a small collection of them that Mashable posted [link].

Photoshop or real: Hussni Mubarak


Good Morning Kuwait

Good Morning Kuwait

A friend of of the blog took this picture, and it depicts the most beautiful autumn\winter Kuwaiti morning.

Thank you dear friend for this pretty pic :)

Win a Cool Gift with Zain on Instagram

All you need to win is..

1.       Take any picture with Zain logo, Name or a product.

2.       Send it by email to Instagram.kw@kw.zain.com

3.       Attach the picture, and your account name.

4.       Zain will upload the photo on @ZainKuwait account and people will like the picture.

5.       The competition will start today, and voting will end on Saturday night 11:59 pm

6.       Most 5 liked pictures will get the Zain Camping bag :)

Beautiful Pictures of Al-Haram Al-Shareef




I got these beautiful pictures via email, and they were taken from the top of the tallest clock in the world, which is in Mecca [link]. The pictures are really  beautiful and majestic. I’m really glad that I was planning on going to 3omra in th enext few days, the Haram Shareef looks very attractive and holy.

Hacking Facebook Private Pictures



You can easily hack into the private pictures of anyone with a Facebook account, and that’s exactly what happened to Facebook’s CEO, Mark Zuckerberg.

All you need to do is get the use name of the person you want to hack, check a public picture of them AND then report it as inappropriate\nude. This will allow you to report more pictures of that user, even if they are private.

I would assume that this new hack is embarrassing to Zuckerberg, especially after the numerous and multiple criticism of Facebook’s weak privacy and security issues over the years. So it’s a good thing that this has happened to him, it might encourage him to implement better security and privacy rules.

And of ourse, the biggest lesson to be learned here is: don’t ever post inappropriate private pictures, thinking that they’ll be completely safe and private on Facebook.

On a final and un-related note, Facebook is having one of the biggest IPOs ever. It’s estimated at $10 billion, to be done sometime around April-June 2012. Google till holds the largest IPO record of any internet\tech Co. at $1.4 billion, so you can imagine how huge the Facebook IPO is going to be.

A $10 billion IPO is a huge deal. Only a few companies have ever crossed that barrier; and they include giant American corporations like AT&T, VISA, and General Motors.