Italy and Greece…. And Steve Jobs


Mariah Carey’s New Amazing Body


Mariah Carey has lost all that twin baby weight by using Jenny Craig [link].

Amazing Morning Clouds


Have a great morning everyone, and try to enjoy today’s beautiful weather.

Cute and Silly


I haven’t posted something silly and random in a while. Some of these pics made me smile, hope it makes you smile too.

A very beautiful picture of the Planet Saturn

This beautiful picture of Saturn is a real one. It was taken 5 years ago by a NASA robotic ship, while it was orbiting around Saturn. The ship was able to take this picture of Saturn, illuminated from the back by the sun.

NBK’s photography competition is back


You can easily win KD50 with NBK.

Their Facebook photography competition is back again, and the theme this time is “Back to School”.

It could be school or college, no age rules at all. All you have to do is take a picture of yourself or of an other family members, on the first day of school. Then send it to along with your name, and they’ll upload it to their Facebook Fan Page for people to vote on.

3 winning picks a week each gets KD50, for the pictures with the most “likes”.

I’m joining the 30-day photo challenge

I read about this 30-day challenge on froyonation and sidetalk blogs, and it sounds like a fun thing to do. I know they say it’s a challenge, but I really doubt one pic a day is going to tire anyone. I totally can see this turning into loads of fun.

Count me in. Today is day 17, so it’s about “something on the shelf”. So up ↑there↑ is my photo-of-the-day (hope you like the contibution guys), and down ↓here↓ is the challenge’s daily chores.

خبر عاجل من الراي: الاتحاد الدولي يجمد نادي الكويت

شرايكم بهالخبر الصاعقة؟

Mini recap of UNDP’s celebration of International Youth Day


We were invited last Thursday to the United Nation’s Development Program’s 1st celebration of International Youth Day, which featured a youth inspired Pecha Kucka night in addition to an art gallery.

When we first got there, we were greeted by a soulful jazz band, playing really smooth music. We then went into the main stage hall, where the three keynote speakers were. One was the head of Kuwait’s UNDP office, and the other two were Dr. Yousef Al-Ibrahim and Major General Faisal Al-Jazzaf. Dr. Yousef is the Emir’s advisor on youth issues, while Major General Al-Jazzaf is the Chairman of Kuwait Youth & Sport Authority.

The night wasn’t all bore, proper, and boring. It included fun and entertaining segments, like the youth Pecha Kucha presentations and the comedic hosting of Huda Ma3rafi. The celebration attracted a nice crowd collection, and shows that Kuwait does have people whom are educated and sophisticated, and more than able to appreciate an internationally-flavored night like this.


This is a part of the celebration’s press release:

In a bid to further expand its youth programme, UNDP Kuwait organized the world-renowned PechaKucha night for youth. Comedienne Hoda Marafie was the hostess for the evening. International Youth Day is an opportunity to highlight and raise awareness of development issues facing Kuwaiti youth.

The night included participation by government officials, civil societies and private entities and an exhibition. Furthermore, the auditorium showcased PechaKucha 20×20, a simple presentation format where 20 images are shown, each for 20 seconds. The images forward automatically as the presenter talks about them. Each speaker featured a sample of active, dedicated and inspirational young people who have significantly contributed to their community’s development. The occasion was utilized to celebrate their achievements.

We had to leave early, to attend another function, and so missed out on the Pecha Kucha and huda Ma3rafi segments, which in my opinion would’ve been the most entertaining parts. I also missed out on the opportunity to know who the Pecha Kucha stars were.

All in all, this was a nice night, and I really wished we could’ve stayed for the whole of it. Thank you Nasser Al-Qitami, UNDP’s Communications Specialist, for inviting us.

Personal Note: As much as I liked the night and the civil air about the celebration, I must admit that I disliked the attitude of one of the organizers. When we were leaving, we had vale parking issues. She was like “oh, I don’t know about that, we got to park inside, not like you guys. You guys have to walk like all the way to the parking lot, or try figuring something out with the valet guy. Oh, and the best part was when she suggested that we drive the wrong way, INSIDE THE UN COMPOUND. I just wish people would be nice and civil, just because you work for the UN, it doesn’t really mean that you’re sophisticated and classy by default. We can spot fakes a mile away, but we pretend not to.

Is this for real?

Update: Sadly, this is a real picture. The Collector sent me an almost identical pic from a completely different site (which I’m posting at the bottom of this post), and as you see, both picture are almost identical. If you felt bad knowing the picture was real, and how people in Africa have to go through tough and difficult hardships in their daily lives, then try donating to them. I’ve posted a few times about the Somalian Famine, and how you can donate. Please check out my posts here and here to make a contribution to this human disaster.

Do you think this picture is real? I can’t see how he could carry and balance all these bricks, let alone do it while riding his bike.