This is how Americans do politics

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Julia Louise Dryfus Joe Biden Michele Obama 3  Julia Louise Dryfus Joe Biden Michele Obama 2

Julia Louise Dryfus Joe Biden Michele Obama  Julia Louise Dryfus Joe Biden Michele Obama 6

Julia Louise Dryfus Joe Biden Michele Obama 7  Julia Louise Dryfus Joe Biden Michele Obama 8



Julia Louise-Dreyfus killed it at the White House Correspondents dinner. She had lots of politicians with her: the US VP (getting a #45 tattoo, like in the next 45th president of the United States), the first lady (eating ice cream, saying raisons are fruit and fruits are healthy), speaker of the house (their version of our Marzouq, he’s the guy watching pandas on tv), and the minority leader (lady in red). Watching this video makes you want to go and vote for all of them. They were all stars.

It’s the exact opposite of what Marzouq’s interview did last night [here and other here]. His interview made him look spiteful and petty, so unbecoming of his position as the 2nd most important man in Kuwait after the Emir. Someone who is supposed to be a main force of neutrality between disputing MPs or the between the parliament and the government, and a force in the face of major crises. The way he went on and on over Musallam Al-Barrak  reminds you of a high school kid, outcasted by his mates, running to his teachers with lies and telltales, to make him look all powerful and important. That’s not how you do it in politics Marzouq. Very unsmart and so unprofessional of him. He really showed that he doesn’t deserve that position.

Now back to this video. Loved how she made fun of The House of Cards. She nailed Kevin Spacey spot on. Seriously, if you haven’t watched that show, go right now and do it.

Kuwait Airways fleet update possible delay

Kuwait Airways fleet update delay

Parliament appointed a special committee to investigate the much awaited and anticipated update of Kuwait Airways’ fleet. This comes after more than two months of signing the agreement with airplane manufacturers. The timing of the committee worries KA officials, since the final contract signing is expected within the next few days. The special committee’s investigation can takes months, if not longer. This might impact the fleet update decision. KA officials fear having to cancel the deals and going back to square one. Click [here] to read more.

انتفض مسؤولو الخطوط الجوية الكويتية استغراباً وذعراً، أمس، من خبر تشكيل لجنة تقصي حقائق برلمانية بشأن صفقات تحديث الأسطول. وقال مسؤول كبير: «تحول حلم التحديث إلى كابوس».
وأضاف: تأتي اللجنة بعد أكثر من شهرين على توقيع مذكرة التفاهم بشأن الصفقة. والأسئلة المتواترة بلا أجوبة هي:
- لماذا انتظر مجلس الأمة حتى قبيل توقيع الصفقة بأيام ليشكل لجنة تحقيق؟! وماذا عن موعد إنجاز اللجنة مهمتها؟!
- من البديهي تأجيل توقيع صفقة «أيرباص».. إذ كيف ستقدم إدارة «الكويتية» على توقيع عقد محل تحقيق في «بيت الشعب»؟!
 وأضاف المصدر المسؤول: الأمر قد يتطور إلى الإلغاء في حال اكتشفت اللجنة أي ملاحظة من أي نوع.. أو انسحبت «أيرباص» لكثرة التعطيل والتأجيل. وعدم حسم تحديث الأسطول قبل نهاية مارس يعيق تجديد تأمين طائرات الأسطول الحالي المتهالكة! لذا، فإن الالغاء يعني أحد أمرين: العودة إلى المربع الأول باستقطاب عروض جديدة أو العدول عن فكرة تحديث الأسطول من أساسها!

Saudi Arabia: No Woman No drive

Saudi Arabia No Woman No Drive 3  Saudi Arabia No Woman No Drive 2  Saudi Arabia No Woman No Drive



This is a video about the Saudi Women’s campaign to drive of Oct. 26. I saw it over the news here in California, along with the religious guy who decided that driving will damage women’s ovaries.

British Visa

Visa to Britain cancelled for some Kuwaiti passports

Britain officially canceled entry Visas to holders of Kuwaiti special and diplomatic passports.

Diplomatic passports I can understand, but to cancel it for special passport holders is unfair to other Kuwaitis. Most special passports are held by members of the ruling family, and they surely can afford to pay the fees like us and also wait in line like us. What’s good enough for us should be good enough for them too. If visa is cancelled for non-diplomats, then should it be canceled for all Kuwaitis too.

Great reaction to the US Government shutdown

Reminder: Municipal Council elections today تذكير: اليوم إنتخابات المجلس البلدي

Majlis baladi KuwaitThe Municipal Council’s elections are today. You’ll need to take your Jenisya with you to vote.

Link to Kuwait’s reports on WikiLeaks رابط تقارير الكويت على ويكيليكس

Kuwait on WikiLeaks

There are almost 4,000 reports on Kuwait at WikiLeaks, this is the link to all of them [link].

The confidential reports are written by the American Embassy in Kuwait, and cover periods from 1985 to 2010. They include detailed reports for events like the Iraqi invasion, Sept. 11, and transfer of power to Sh. Shabah. They also include thoroughly written reports on the general political climate, both regarding Al-Sabah family and on the Council of Ministers.

The link lists the reports by date, and includes a short topic headline. You don’t have to go through the whole 75 pages, the headline makes it easy to find what you’re looking for.

[Link to Kuwait on WikiLeaks]

No more Schengen Visa for Emiratis in all the EU


Emiratis can now visit all EU countries without a Schengen visa [Aljareeda]. The decision will be approved by the EU Parliament and go into effect mid next year.

Kuwait still has the strongest Arabic passport, which allows you to enter the most number of countries without a  visa. But to be able to visit the EU without a visa, now that trumps our tough passport any day of the week. And twice on Sunday!

Some countries like the UK and Spain do exempt Kuwaitis, but only for special and diplomatic passport holders. Regular Kuwaitis still have to wait in line, apply in person, get bio-metriced, pay huge fees, get approved (or denied), and be questioned for hours at entry points.

Foreign embassies and countries are taking this visa thing too far. One Kuwaiti has been waiting for his student visa from the US for more than a year now, tried the UK but got declined, and is now considering studying in Australia. If you think this is normal and expected for young males, then how about an NBK board member who had his US visa application declined and had to miss his son’s graduation. There are many sorry stories like this, belonging to legitimate Kuwaitis who don’t deserve this low kind of treatment. We’re not immigrants, and we’re not unknowns. The M.O. of Foreign Affairs has to work better and harder, and start standing up for us.

I had a fascinating incident a couple of years ago, and would not wish to have a repeat. And I also remember the days when we used to get visas upon entry, to the UK and  other European countries. They truly were Kuwait’s golden days.

A member of the EU parliament told KUNA that this decision can open doors for other countries, like Kuwait, to request the same treatment. So at least that’s something to look forward to. But do you think Kuwait will make a request? I honestly don’t think so. The MOFA doesn’t care about regular people, only about special and diplomat passports.

Yay to the UAE on this wonderful development, but damn shame for Kuwait. We are falling behind everyone in everything. Oh how painful the mighty have fallen. I will end this post with “God Bless Kuwait”.

Saudi passes doemstic abuse law السعودية تقر قانون ضد العنف الأسري

Saudi domestic abuse

أقرت السلطات السعودية للمرة الأولى قانونا جديدا يمنع كافة أشكال العنف الجنسي والبدني سواء داخل المنزل أو في مكان العمل.


وتتضمن العقوبات عقوبة السجن لمدة عام وغرامة تصل إلى ما قيمته 13 ألف دولار [بي بي سي].

Saudi Arabia has, at last, passed an anti-domestic abuse law. Offenders, sexual and violent, will face up to a year of prison or a fine of SR 50,000. Maybe now husbands will finally stop beating their wives, and fathers killing their children.

Kuwait’s 7 billion dinar deficit ٧ بليون دينار عجز بميزانية الكويت

Kuwait 7 billion fiscal deficit

This headline was taken from today’s Al-Jareeda [link]. There’s a very easy way to balance this deficit.

  • We loaned yemen, Bahrain, Morocco, and Oman $5 Billion.
  • We also gave Jordan $1.5 billion to build some dumb amusement park.
  • We gave and “loaned” Egypt $4 billion.
  • We paid Dow Chemical $2 billion.

Add all these numbers together, and you come to a simple comclusion: get our money back from these countries, and sue whoever caused the Dow penalty.