The Wikileaks movie trailer



I didn’t even know they were making a movie about wikileaks. But I must admit, the trailer looks really intriguing. “The Fifth Estate” is about Julian Assange, wikileak’s founder.

When wikileaks came to the surface three years ago, no one knew it would be this scandalous. WikiLeaks published secret US Military documents, covering military operations in Afghanistan and Iraq. It also covered other hot topics; such as Scientology, Henry Kissinger’s Middle East peace talks, and American profiling and investigation of foreign ambassadors to the USA.

Some of the leaks were about Kuwait, specifically covering our Interior Minister’s suggestions on how to handle Kuwaiti Guantanamo detainees [link1 & link2]. It also leaked documents that predicted the Fukushima nuclear disaster, released documents warned that Japanese nuclear plants weren’t capable of withstanding strong earthquakes [link].

The movie will be released in October, but I don’t know if it will also be released here in Kuwait. I personally am very interested in watching this movie, like I’m sure many people are too.

حلقة بونبيل و بوقتادة عن مسلم البراك

Screen shot 2013-07-10 at 10.24.52 PM

Screen shot 2013-07-10 at 10.25.01 PM



أحلى ما في الحلقة أسنان الراشد و طلة صفاء

أما عن طنازتهم على البراك، فماكو تعليق. من متى الواحد ينطر السنع من قناة/جريدة الوطن

Unbelievable: Kuwait donates $4 Billion to Egypt

Kuwait donates 4 billion dollars to Egypt

Why do we keep on squandering our money like this?

Why are we giving Egypt money?

We decide in just one day to throw more money at them than the whole annual amount of aid the US gives them?

Why couldn’t we have used the money to settle the housing issue for 100,000 desperate and needy Kuwaiti families?

I don’t like it.

There’s no reason to lavish and waste money on Egypt, definitely not an amount this big.

We have plenty of Kuwaitis who deserve this way more than anyone else on this planet.

It’s our money, not anyone else’s.

Why can’t we keep it to ourselves and stop scattering it like trash?


Bassem Yousef’s piece in AlJareeda مقالة باسم يوسف في جريدة الجريدة

Bassem Yousef article in Aljareeda newspaper Kuwait

I believe this is Bassem Yousef’s first writing piece in a Kuwaiti paper.

Wow, this kid is amazing ولد مصري تحفة



الصراحة، هالولد عجيب. كلامه و تعليقاته في الصميم

Kuwait Parliament’s elections cash bribery محد يهرول عبث

Kuwait Parliament elections bribery

  • KD 13 million (approx. $50 million) in total.
  • Excludes KD 5 million (approx. $20 million) to secure the position of speaker\chairman.
  • KD 350,000 to support candidates in the 1st and 3rd districts.
  • KD 250,000 for 2nd district candidates.
  • KD 500,000 for 4th and 5th districts.

Via Al-Jareeda.

Jon Stewart on Bassam Yousef’s show جون ستيوارت ضيف برنامج بسام يوسف



استضاف المذيع المصري بسّام يوسف المذيع السياسي الأمريكي المعروف جون ستيوارت في برنامجه “البرنامج”. تم تصوير الحلقة في القاهرة حيث يتواجد ستيوارت هناك حالياً لإخراج فيلم جديد

National Operetta: Story of a Nation الأوبريت الوطني قصة شعب



National Operetta Sory of a Nation Kuwait 1

National Operetta Sory of a Nation Kuwait 2

National Operetta Sory of a Nation Kuwait 3

National Operetta Sory of a Nation Kuwait 4

National Operetta Sory of a Nation Kuwait 5

National Operetta Sory of a Nation Kuwait 6

A national story: The Story of A Nation.

It summarizes our political turmoil of the past three years.

A very well done and strong work.

Very much worth watching.

Hillary Clinton finally joins Twitter

Hillary Clinton joins twitter first tweet

Check out her first tweet. So badass. “I’ll take it from here”. It’s right up there with the Terminator’s “I’ll be back”. And will you check out President Clinton’s shout out to her?! That’s pretty awesome too!

The guy and gal she’s thanking were the ones who created the hilarious Texts From Hillary on tumblr. Former US First Lady\Former Secretary of State\Former Senator got a healthy sense of humor.

Kuwaiti tweeter jailed for 11 years الحكم على مغردة كويتية بالسجن ١١ سنة

Twitter Jail

Huda Al-Ajmi, a female Kuwaiti tweeter, was sentenced to 11 years in jail on three separate charges for overthrowing the regime and  offending the Emir.