Live tweeting

Live tweet from Samsung Executive VP San Francisco plane crash

I don’t think anyone would’ve believed this tweet if you saw it on your timeline, it’s just so unexpected and farfetched.

David Eun is Samsung’s Executive VP, and he was on the plane that crash landed in San Francisco yesterday. He tweeted this just as he was evacuated from the burning plane. Absolutely unbelievable tweet.

100 KD to replace your lost passport

Buzfairy Kuwait Passport

Update: It looks like the proposal got rejected [link]. Yay.

Losing your passport is one of the lousiest things that can happen. If you lose a passport, you will always be questioned in airports and at embassies for years and years, for fear of someone else misusing it.

A new law is being proposed in Kuwait these days, a fine of Kd 100 will be levied to replace a lost passport and KD 30 to replace a damaged one. That’s like rubbing salt on wounds. It’s bad enough to lose a passport, now we get financially punished for it too.

Moral of the story is: Make sure you don’t lose your passport. And if you do, the KD 100 will be the least of your worries.

Via Al-Qabas.

Accu Weather acting funny



I depend on Accu Weather all the time for forecasts, both in Kuwait and abroad. But for the past few days, it’s been acting funny and is rarely accurate anymore.

The difference in temperature at this time is 6 degrees, that’s a big disparity. Anyone knows what’s wrong with it?

No one is getting high this 3eed

Two men tried to smuggle a kilo of hash into Kuwait on a truck coming from Iraq, but were caught by the authorities. So I think it means that anyone who wants to get a puff should just get on a plane to Amsterdam for 3eed vacation. It’s certainly a long enough one.

Crazy People House

Two Polish architects purposely built a new house the upside down way, to be viewed as a local Austrian attraction. The house looks kinda nice, not at all bad, but would probably give your brain a migraine trying to process all that information backwards.

Click on the pictures to view them in a slideshow. Click here for the [link] and [here] for a short video of the crazy people house.

Firemen in Drag Put Out a Fire


These firemen were on their way to St. Patrick day party, when they stopped to put out a fire in a truck on the side of the road. Way to go guys, love your dedication to work.

Learn To Speak Chinese in 5 Minutes

A Wise & Memorable Quote

Such sharp words, told by the eternally beautiful and enlightened Marilyn Mon-Roe

مزاج اليوم


Cute and Silly


I haven’t posted something silly and random in a while. Some of these pics made me smile, hope it makes you smile too.