The beautiful Muslims of Britain



Everyone and their neighbor made a video of Pharrell’s Happy song. And some of them were really good, like our local Kuwaiti version [here].

But this one, done by the Muslims of Britain, is the best one ever. It’s so positive and uplifting, it’s like the best commercial for the peace and beauty of Islam.

And when the video hit a million views, they used the proceeds (I don’t know from where they got the money), but they used the money they collected to help someone anonymously. And that video is so positive and beautiful, again perfectly showing off Islam’s gracious and peaceful principles.



The proper rules for wearing Hijab

Silly rules for wearing HijabPic [credit]

Religious movies coming out this year





Two religious movies about prophets are coming out this year. “Son of God’, which is obviously about Jesus, comes out at the end of Feb. While “Noah” comes out at the end of March.

No doubt both movies will be banned in Kuwait. I personally am looking forward to seeing Son of God, it just looks so dramatic and fascinating.

A new kind of Pope

Pope Francis tolerant

Pope Francis thinks the Catholic Church is too hung up on birth control, gay marriages, and abortion. He wants the church to be more of a “House for All”, rather than a smaller purer church like his predecessor. He’s advocating love and serving the poor.

What a lovely lovely plan. You think we can expect something similar from our own religious leaders? I don’t think so. Not when neighbouring Saudi is still debating whether to allow women to drive or not. Not when Syria’s Free Army beheads Assad’s soldiers in the name of Islam. And definitely not when a Sudanese woman gets whipped and lashed for wearing trousers or not wearing a head cover. Not lovely at all.

His surprising comments came in a lengthy interview in which he criticized the church for putting dogma before love, and for prioritizing moral doctrines over serving the poor and marginalized. He articulated his vision of an inclusive church, a “home for all” [link].

The Grand Mosque is still closed المسجد الكبير للحين مسكر

Grand Mosque Kuwait still not ready renovations Ramadan 2013

رغم إعلان وزير العدل والأوقاف شريدة المعوشرجي استلام المسجد الكبير بعد صيانة كلفت 5 ملايين دينار تحملها الديوان الأميري، فان المسجد مازال مغلقا أمام المصلين الذين توافدوا الليلة قبل الماضية إلى المسجد لأداء صلاة التراويح، لكنهم فوجئوا بأن الوعود الحكومية في واد والواقع في واد اخر.

فالصيانة لم تكتمل. ولذلك فإن صلاة التراويح في المسجد الرئيسي غير متاحة. وسيذهب بعضهم للصلاة في الملحق -القبس.

The Grand Mosque is still closed. People weren’t able to pray Al-Tarawee7 there on the 1st day of Ramadan. They prayed outside.

Last month the government had said that the Grand Mosque would be ready for Ramadan, but now it looks like it won’t be ready till El-3ashra Al-Awa5er (last 10 days of it).

The GM was closed last year too. Renovation work cost KD 5 million, missed two Ramadans and ended up with much less capacity than before.

دعاء يوم عرفة بصوت الطفل محمد حجازى


دعاء قديم و لكن ممتاز في هذا اليوم العظيم، يوم عرفة
ما عليكم الا تسمعونه و تقولون آمين

World’s shortest man goes to Hajj


اقصر رجل بالعالم يروح الحج
يتقبل الله طاعته انشاءالله

The Scientology movie trailer



This trailer is for the movie “The Master”, starring Joaquin Phoenix and Philip Seymour Hoffman. The story is about a new religion called “The Cause” and it’s author creator. A lot of people say that it’s actually based on Scientology and its founder Sci-Fi author L. Ron Hubbard.

“The Master” is coming out this October, and is poised to be a prime runner for many Oscar nominations.

Do good this Holy Ramadan مشروع إفطار الصائم

  • KD 15 to feed one fasting Muslim for the whole month of Ramadan.
  • 500 fils to feed a fasting Muslim for one day in Ramadan.
  • KD 300 to feed a fasting Muslim every Ramadan forever.

You can donate via this [link], or through the banner picture on the right.

Donations are done through the “Direct Aid Society”, established and managed by Dr. AbdulRahman Al-Sumait [wiki link].

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