Five Guys now open in London too

Five Guys now open in LondonFive Guys London now open

It looks like Shake Shack wasn’t the only American burger joint to open in London this week.

Five Guys just opened its first ever UK store on America’s Independence Day, Thursday the 4th of July. And just like Shake Shack, Five Guys opened in Covent Garden, specifically on Long Acre, halfway between Leicester Sq. and the historic Covent Garden Piazza.

Five Guys opened this last Thursday, a day before Shake Shack did. Great timing.

Pic credit: taken from FG’s FB and official UK website.

Shake Shack now open in London

Shake Shack opens in London Covent Garden 2Shake Shack opens in London Covent Garden

One of my friends, who’s in London right now, informed me that Shake Shack just opened in London’s Covent Garden. It opened yesterday morning in  Covent Garden’s historic Piazza. People were lining up for more than an hour to place an order. I love Shake Shack, and I hated that they didn’t have branches in London or the west coast. Now at least  London is covered.

Though if I was on London, I would most probably be having burgers at Byron (mainly because we’re saturated with Shake Shacks in Kuwait, don’t crave it much when I’m traveling). Byron is a local English chain that opened in 2007, and serves some amazing burgers and fries. They have plenty of branches around central London including soho, Haymarket, and Covent Garden.

I’ve written about Byron before (and posted delicious pictures), you can check it out [here].

[1st pic credit].

McDonald’s new Soda Float

McDonald's Soda Float Kuwait

Available for a limited time only and comes in three flavors: Cola, orange, and lemon soda.

Price is 500 fils each.

VIP pizza delivery fridge magnet

Red Tomato pizza Dubai fridge magnet 2  Red Tomato pizza Dubai fridge magnet


A pizza place in Dubai took pizza delivery to a whole new level. You can order your favorite pizza by pressing a button on a fridge magnet.

The technology is run through bluetooth, and will order your pre-set favorite pizza for you, but it’s still a very cool gadget.

McDonald’s new extended breakfast hours


McDonald’s have extended their breakfast hours to 11.30 am. The extension isn’t much, but it sure gives us more time to enjoy their delicious breakfast.

How to celebrate the national holidays with Sayood and Pizza Hut

Pizza Hut Kuwait national holiday celebration with sayood  Pizza Hut Kuwait with sayood national holidays

The Halloum McMuffin is Back

Halloum McMuffin Mcdonalds Kuwait

The Halloum Muffin was a new breakfast sandwich introduced by McDonald’s 2 years ago. It was delicious and light, and I missed it a lot when they stopped serving it last year. They then introduced a halloum Chibata sandwich a few months back, but it wasn’t as tasty as the original Halloum Muffin.

McDonald’s decided to bring the Halloum Muffin back again (well not technically a muffin, it’s still served on chibata bread), this time with olive tapenade. I haven’t tried it yet, though I was this close to ordering a McDo breakfast this morning. If I had known about the new Halloum sandwich, I would’ve definitely went to McDo myself to try it out.

I’m not having very high expectations, but I do wish it’s better than the old chibata one. This sandwich is on my to do list for tomorrow.

BTW, it seems that McDonald’s have extended their breakfast hours till 11.30.

My horrible experience at In-N-Out





I’m in California right now, which means that I have to eat at In-N-Out. You can’t skip on their burgers if you’re down here. However, our experience today was lack luster and shocking.

The burgers and fries were horrible and almost disgusting. It’s easy to say that something was extremely wrong, because the food we had would make you run the other way and turn you into a vegetarian. The burger was awful, salty and oily with a hard crusted bun. The fries were carton like, both looks wise and taste wise. The only plus in this whole mess was the semi delicious chocolate milkshake, which strongly reminded me of McDonald’s old shakes.

All in all, it was a shockingly horrible experience. I’m just glad the place was cheap, and lunch didn’t cost me much ($18 for 2 burgers, fries snf soft drinks; and 1 milkshake).

Saudi Jidawwi resturant in Dubai مطعم مطبق و معصوب السعودي في دبي


I just read that there’s a Saudi Jiddawi restaurant in Dubai, owned and run by Saudi ladies. The place serves authentic Jidawwi dishes like Mu6abbag, Kabsa, and other things. I’m not sure if their Mu6abbag is the same as our Kuwait one. In fact, I’m pretty sure it’s something entirely different. But it’s got to be an important dish, because they have more than a dozen varieties of it.


The Restaurant is called Mutabbag O Masoub, and is located on Jumeirah Rd. in Um Suqqaim. Their phone number is 04 3282444, and their exact location is beside London Hospital and behind the Iranian restaurant.

[Pic credit: their FB page].

Pics from Olive Garden Kuwait

Click the pics to enlarge and view as a slideshow.

Here are a few pictures from our lunch today at The Olive Garden, in Grand Avenues. We ordered two starters, two mains, and two drinks. We also got a complimentary soup and salad (you also get one with every entree). The dishes we had today were:

  • Stuffed Mushrooms.
  • Fried Calamari.
  • Garden salad (comes with the entree).
  • Chicken Gnocchi soup (one of 4 soup choices with your entree).
  • Cheese ravioli in Alfredo sauce.
  • Sauteed Shrimps in lemon butter sauce.
  • Strawberry margarita.
  • Fresh strawberry topped with soda.

We ordered from the lunch menu, which offers many of the items on their regular menu, only in smaller portions and lower prices. You still get a soup or salad with your main dish, even if you order from this lunch menu. Price wise, I was shocked at how reasonable all of the dishes were.

Our total bill was Kd 12.5. I usually comment on the food, what I liked and what I didn’t like. I’m not going to do that today. I’ll just leave you with the pictures, and strongly recommend you try the drinks (not pictured), which were really really great.

Service was excellent. It was friendly, speedy, and competent. I liked their service a lot.