Spicy Pickle sandwich shop

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Spicy Pickle is a new sandwich shop in Kuwait, based on an a Denver franchise. I’ve tried it a bunch of times during the past few months. Their sandwiches are tasty and has a special zest to them, they really do taste different from other sandwich shops. Maybe it’s the pickle in their name that adds the difference.

  • They use several kinds of breads like: Chibatta (country style or wholemeal), Focaccia, flatbread-Piadina (grilled or open top), or pizza.
  • They’ve got chicken, beef, multiple cheeses, turkey, vegi, mushroom, and all kinds of sandwiches.
  • Their condiments are unique like horseradish, chipotle, pesto, or sundried tomato mayo. Or greek dressing, honey-balsamic, thousand island, and honey mustard. Yummy.
  • Their green pickles is especially imported from the States, that’s why they taste so good.
  • And of course they’ve also got salads. Again, big size ones.
  • The sandwiches come with a size of small coleslaw, pickles, orange wedges, and\or pesto pasta.

Most of their sandwiches are big portioned, I usually can’t eat more than one-half of the bigger ones. Now the Piadina’s on the other hand, I could easily eat more than one; they’re so flat and thin. Spicy Pickle has some great pictures on their instagram, do check them out [link].

They’ve got two branches, one in Sharq on Ahmad Al-Jaber St. beside Dar Al-Awadi, and the other one in Mahboula behind Alia & Galia towers. Their phone number is 22442266. And they’re also on 6alabat [link] if you want to order from there.

Review of Mo2armisha Shawarma shop شاورما مقرمشة

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Mo2armisha shawarma shop is an exclusive shawarma and sandwich, located both in Al-She3eb and in Mahboula. The shop is famous for their shawarmas, but they also offer several other kinds of sandwiches like Hallum and Moshakal. Plus, they sell several side orders like fried shrimp and jalapeno poppers.

  • Their best shawarma is the Bu-Waleed. It’s a meat one that’s mixed in a minty sauce, with fresh tomatoes and onions. You must try this one (it’s the 1st shawarma pic on the left, oozing mint sauce).
  • Another best seller is the Uncle Sam. Again, this is also a meat shawrama, but is mixed with a different sauce. This is also a great shawarma sandwich, because it’s so rich in savory aioli sauce (but the Bu-Waleed still tops it). I don’t have a picture of this one because it’s mostly sold out by the time I’m ordering, that’s how best selling this sandwich is.
  • As for chicken, their best selling chicken shawarma is the potato king, which is mixed with fries and garlic sauce (pictured here with white garlic sauce). I didn’t like this one very much, I much rather have several Bu-Waleeds instead.
  • This brings us to the sandwich size, which isn’t big or large. You’ll need to eat between 2-4 to fill up. To give you a sense of size, each sandwich is made with thin arabic pita bread (double not single sided).

Our bill was KD 3.900, and that was for 5 shawarmas and 4 chili chutneys. Their prices are a little more expensive than other places (like jam3iya and small joints), but that’s OK. The sandwiches are filled to the rim with meat, the sauces are unique, and the place is owned by The Sultan Center. All are good reasons to be more expensive.

They open from 1 p.m., but the Shawarmas are not usually ready till 1.30- 2, so you better call ahead to make sure. Also, if you’re going after 9 pm or on weekends, it’s also good to call to make sure they have shawarmas.

They have two branches: She3eb (Darwish Al-Aradi street, just behind Flex Executive Gym) and Mahboula. Their phone numbers are 2261-5234 and 2371-2580.

Review of Humbah Burgers Shuwaikh

I’ve never been to Humbah’s shuwaikh branch before. But we’ve used their catering\cooking trucks many times before at home, so I’m very familiar with their food.

Yesterday, we had some business in Shuwaikh, and decided to go try Humbah. I wasn’t exactly sure where they were located, so I used Urban Moon (free local guide\directory app) to locate it.

  • Humbah’s decorations are very basic, but still cute and colorful.
  • They’ve got 4 tables, each seating 4 people.
  • They serve beef and chicken burgers, hotdogs, fries, one appetizer, and juice\soft drinks.
  • Their special sauces are Humbah and miteena, the first is mayo based and the other is a sweetish one.
  • You control the music and playlists, via an iPad mounted on the wall.

The food was nice and tasty. We enjoyed the burgers more than the hotdog, which tasted like regular Americana ones, but we also liked the fries. The food is not gourmet style burgers, so don’t go comparing it to other fancier places. That said, the burgers were very tasty, the bun was soft and appetizing, and the sauces added that extra deliciousness.

Another plus point is hand sanitizer and wet wipes they provide, that was a nice gesture. However, there are some notes to beware of: The ventilation is a little poor, so you’ll leave with a strong cooking smell. Only go there if you were wearing casual clothes. Plus, their food selection is limited to burgers, hotdogs, and fries. There aren’t any salads or starters (apart from one cheese sticks dish).

Obviously, I highly recommend you try the place; especially with their super friendly service.

Johnny Rockets’ chicken sandwich



I’ve never had the Crispy Chicken sandwich at Johnny Rockets before. We always go for burgers or breakfast items, but never a chicken sandwich. They have two kinds of chicken sandwiches, grilled or crispy.

I had my chicken crispy, plain with only cheese and lettuce. It comes in a light burger bun, not bread or toast. Taste wise, it was very good. The chicken tastes like their tenders, with probably the same spices. So if you like their tenders, you’ll love this sandwich.

It’s a nice change if you want something other than burgers at Johnny Rockets.

The New Ninja Burger From Slider Station



Slider Station added a few new items to their menu, after they reopened last week. They had closed down for just a few weeks, to open up a common entrance with the adjacent Cocoa Room. The new items include a new burger and a new type of cookies:

  • The Ninja Burger. This new burger was created by Fahad, from TryingToBeFahad and Core-Fitness. He is a local exercise and diet super guru.
  • The Surprise Cookies. These cookies were created by renowned local foodie and chef, Basma from 13cups.
  • A Sweet & Sour Rice Dish.

I’m not really an adventurous person with food, especially when the ingredients become too complicated or too delicatessen.  As the waiter read the Ninja Burger’s ingredients to me (which included the likes of rahash, sesame coated goat cheese, and date puree), I was super hesitant to order. But then I said, what’s the harm. I won’t eat it if I don’t like it. The waiter also tried to suggest I substitute the goat cheese with regular cheddar, but I refused. I wanted to have the Ninja Burger exactly like Fahad created it.

The Ninja Burger turned out to be one of the best tasting burger inventions ever. The beef tasted great, as did the bun, but that’s expected of Slider Station. However, what made the burger great was the combination of the not-so-dry tasting rahash sauce (I was surprised how saucy it was), the semi-strong sweetness of the date puree (a lovely dash stronger than the sweetness of sautéed onions, which the burger also has), and the sesame coated goat-cheese.

The burger was a huge success. I do admit that the taste of the goat-cheese became too dry after a few bites, but you can always take half the cheese out, and still keep its great added flavor.

The Ninja Burger is one of the best new dishes on the menu, and I do recommend you give it a try. It costs a very reasonable KD 5, and comes with a bowl of string fries.

Review of iSandwich Shop


iSandwich is a sandwich shop\cafe that caters and delivers to offices in Kuwait city. I just heard of the place so I’m not exactly sure when it opened, but my friend strongly recommended that I try it.

I looked at the menu; and chose the Haloumi, the Caprese, and the Chicken Pesto (with added cheddar cheese). The order was delivered quickly, much shorter than the estimated 45 minutes (even though I was home and not in the office, which means I’m even farther away).

I loved the way the sandwiches were wrapped, their presentation was simple and clean. The quality of wax paper is very high, which helped keep the structure of the sandwiches through its delivery to you.


All sandwiches tasted very very delicious. My personal favorite was the Haloumi, which came with rocca, tomatoes, tapenade, and light mayo. I usually favor the Caprese over the Haloumi at any place, but this Haloumi was a really good one, and I personally would order it over the Caprese here anytime.


The caprese was also a good sandwich with just the right amount of pesto, all wrapped in a soft white panini. I liked the sandwich, but I prefer it had more tomatoes. That’s how I’ll order it next time.


Now we get to the Chicken Pesto sandwich. It came in a brown panini and was filled with diced chicken, sun-dried tomato, and rocca. I ordered mine with cheddar cheese, but I couldn’t really taste the cheese in this sandwich. Anyways, the sandwich tasted fresh and healthy, and was average. I wouldn’t order it again myself, only because the menu said it would come with avocado, and this didn’t; which makes me think I might’ve ordered the wrong sandwich. In any case, this sandwich does feel like it’s healthy and light, and I would definitely recommend it for chicken and fitness lovers who want a lighter sandwich.

My bill was KD 4.550 for three sandwiches and an extra topping. You can check out the menu on their  Instagram @isandwichq8. They’re located in Mubarak Al-Kabeer St. in Sharq, and their Tel. # is 22498466.

Review of Burger King’s New Spicy Swiss SteakHouse Burger

Burger King have introduced a new burger called Spicy Swiss Steakhouse. It comes with crispy onion, garlic mayo, swiss cheese, Marinara sauce, and fiery hot sauce.

We tried the new burger a couple of days ago, compliment of Mr. Ayman from BK, and it tasted great. If you love BK’s whoppers, then you will definitely like this new burger.

Johnny Rockets’ New Wagyu Burgers Menu


It looks like Johnny Rockets have introduced a new Wagyu Beef Burger Menu, along with a few well chosen deluxe fries and shakes. The new menu consists of three burgers: The Rocket Single, The Houston, and the Smoke House; and they all come on a special brioche bun. The new side orders on offer are Truffle Oil infused fries sprinkled with parsley, plus the option of having it covered with melted Italian Fontana cheese. And the final additions of the new menu are two luxury shakes, one made with real vanilla beans and custard and the other with real chocolate brownie.


  • As usual with Johnny Rockets, everything on the menu tasted delicious and cooked to perfection. I can’t say that the wagyu beef is that much different than the regular one usually used by Johnny Rockets, because they both taste equally delicious. However, after taking more than one or two bites, you can feel the difference the Wagyu beef adds. I also loved the sweetness and softness on the briocje bun, even though I was initially hesitant in getting it for the fear of having the bun break in my hands while eating. But luckily, the brioche held on tight and did not break, while still remaining soft.
  • The Truffle Oil infused fries were also delicious, and were a lot lighter than regular fries, like they were crisped in an oven rather than being fried. I also loved the sprinkles of parsley, it went great with the hint of truffle taste. I then ordered the Fontana fries, and they came sprinkled with powdered Paprika. They tasted good, especially the taste of the Fontana cheese. But I would recommend you order it with extra cheese, or just stick with the plain truffle oil, because they also taste great.
  • I don’t like Vanilla, so I wasn’t encouraged to try the new Vanilla shake. But I love chocolate shakes, so I immediately went for that. The chocolate shake came mixed with tiny bits of chocolate brownie, which was a nice addition to the already great shake.

All in all, the new dishes and drinks were great. You might not notice the taste of the Wagyu beef at  first, but you will definitely feel its lightness after a few bites. As for the fries, I personally loved the truffle oil fries, but I could see if you still would stick to their regular cheese fries, because really, what can compete with that greatness. But I do recommend you try the new chocolate shake. It’s that good. It’s not over sweet, and yet is delicious to drink with all that brownie bits thrown in.

Our total bill came to KD 17, and that was for: one old burger, one new wagu burger, one new truffle cheese fries, one old cheese fries, two soft drinks, one new milkshake, and one side of large wings. I hope you give the new menu a try.

Want to Have a Crazy Fun Time? Then Go to the Sandwich Bar!

The Sandwich Bar in Jabriya is one of the most fun places to eat in in Kuwait. The place is dark, got lots of bright neon lights (on the walls, on the plates, on you, in your glass, like everywhere), has great music, and serves diner favorites like salads, burgers, sandwiches, and snacks.

  • Be prepared to have a loud time there. You can’t help but get caught in the upbeat of the place and the staff.
  • I recommend you try the salads and the fried mushroom and the fried shrimp. Though be careful, the salad portions are huge.
  •  You must must must try their cocktails, believe me you don’t want to miss on those delicious drinks.
  •  Be prepared to let loose and dance on the tables. Obviously I wish I was serious about this point, but hey it’s Kuwait, so be careful with this tip. Don’t get the owner in trouble.

The place is owned by a young Kuwaiti chef, and it’s located in Jabriya (Block 1B, Street2), and is open from 12-12. They’re on the same street as Mr. Baker and the new Starbucks\Pinkberry complex (if you’re on this street, then take the first left after Mr. Baker… But it’ll be you’re last right, if you were coming from the pinkberry complex). Their numbers are 55533245 – 55533246, for deliveries or reservations.

Solo Churros Now Open in Kuwait


Solo Churros is a new dessert place that has just opened up in Kuwait. It serves different kinds and flavors of Churros, the traditional spanish\mexican dessert.




They serve small and large churros. The large churros are made with different flavors, and stuffed with different fillings. The small ones come plain or with powdered cinnamon, and with sauce on the side.

We ordered the small churros, which turned out to be as long as bread sticks and not small at all. They come with your choice of sauce on the side: chocolate, caramel chocolate, white caramel, raspberry, nutella, and raspberry chocolate.

I personally liked the plain ones more, only because I’m used to the taste of cinnamon with sugar. But, the cinnamon churros paired very well with the sweet sauces, and so I’m always going to ordered mine with cinnamon because cinnamon is very healthy.

My favorite flavors were the caramel chocolate, the raspberry chocolate, and the white caramel. They also serve chocolate shots, but I think it only comes in milk chocolate flavor. The shots were ok, but were a little runny. I like my shots thick.

Our total came out to KD 3.450; and that was for a chocolate shot, an order of small churros with two sauces, and a bottle of water.

Solo Churros is located on the ground floor of Burj Jassim, and you can contact them on Tel.: 69996027 and Twitter @solochurros.