Wonderful Desserts opens a new branch in Dasma

Wonderful desert Dasma Kuwait 2  Wondersful Desserts Dasma Kuwait 3

Wonderful desserts opened a new branch in Dasma co-op. They now have 5 branches total: Yarmouk, jabriya, Hitteen, and Abu Hulaifa.

Wonderful has the best chocolate pudding-cake in Kuwait, you can read my old post [here]. They also have some 8 other flavors, including: pink cheesecake, pistachio, red velvet, tiramisu, mango trifle, marshmellow, and basboosa.

The small order costs kd 6 (half dozen cups or 12 minis), while the large order costs kd12 (dozen cups or 24 minis). You can reach them on tel # 1808084 for home delivery or on instagram.

Wonderful desert Dasma Kuwait

Our 3eed sweets from Kakao حلو العيد من كاكاو




For 3eed, I ordered my sweets from Kakao. I made an order for qraiba, which comes in 4 different flavors including pistachio and pecan. The arrangment came out lovely, and i can’t wait for 3eed to unwrap the trays.

I was going to buy chocolates for 3eed, but then I thought qraiba was more traditional. And what better way to end Ramadan than with something kuwaiti and old. I’m glad I did, because the qraiba turned out to be cheaper than chocolates, so I’m also happy about that.

You can contact Kakao on phone # 97162323, Twitter @kakaokuwait, and on Instagram @kakao_kw.

Guess the flavor with Kakao

#GuessThatFlavor and win Half a kilo of chocolates for the 1st 3 correct answers #NewEidCollection

خمن نكهة العيد الجديدة وأول ٣ إجابات صحيحة تربح معنا نصف كيلو من الكاكاو

Click [here] to guess.

Kakao is also introducing a new “Strawberry Bar” chocolate to be offered soon (maybe by 3eed?), in two choices: cheese cake and hazelnut.

Kakao is by far my favorite chocolate in Kuwait. Their chocolates are delicious and tasty, and they always come up with new amazing flavors all the time. Plus, they’re a pure local Kuwaiti business, so it also feels good to buy from them.

Review of The British Bakery Kuwait



I had a taste of some desserts from the newly established The British Bakery, and they were amazing.

The dessert I had is called “Mini Sweets”. They are round balls covered with coconut shavings, and smelled really tempting. When I took my first bite, the texture reminded me of qraiba and I was afraid it would be just as dry. But it tasted nothing like qraiba, it was surprisingly moist (which was weird, because it wasn’t wet), and had sweet tiny marshmallows inside.

I definitely recommend these treats, they were very yummy. The box I had was the large balls, 10-12 balls, but they also have small size balls 40 per box. Both boxes are sold for KD 10.

They have other desserts, like English Biscuits and Mini Fruit Delights. You can see more of The British Bakery’s products on their instagram account #TheBritishBakery.

The British Bakery desserts are all home made, with British ingredients. You can order via WhatsApp on 5589-5217, BBM 285810D2, and through instagram @TheBritishBakery.

Cake & Bake’s online ordering and home delivery

Cake & Bake offers online ordering and home delivery, which is a great service in these traffic heavy days of Ramadan.

This Ramadan we have made it easier and faster to order your futoor desserts without having to leave your home.

Just register at www.cakenbake.com, make your choice, pay, and the product will be delivered right to your house.

Guess the popcorn flavor

I saw this competition on bokhaloodie’s blog, and I thought it was cute and funny.

  • Let’s Popcorn are having a Ramadan competition, to guess the popcorn’s flavor.
  • There will be a new flavor every two days.
  • All you need to do is guess what the flavor is out of the given three choices.

This is their first flavor guess pic:

Here’s the [link] to the competition. And remember, they’ll be posting a new flavor to guess every two days. 

New heating stand from Al-Kanafani سخان الكنافة من الكنفاني

الكنفاني يقدم سخّان للكنافة للحفاظ على حرارتها طوال الوقت، و هو ممتاز الآن في شهر رمضان

This new heating stand by Al-Kanafani will keep your Kunafa always hot while serving, and is perfect now for Ramadan.

Emsakiya Ramadan from NBK مبارك عليكم الشهر



Ramadan kareem to everyone with my best hopes of an easy and peaceful fasting

مبارك عليكم الشهر و تعودونه كل سنة انشاءالله

I leave you with this Emsakiya, which I got from NBK.

I also want to thank NBK for their wonderful box of delights. 

Rice Pudding Factory’s new Ramadan flavors

Rice Pudding Factory have a new Ramadan flavor: RoseWater rice pudding, with Saffron Cloud and Pistachio toppings.

They’ve also started a new delivery service, which is great news, and that is on top of their regular catering service. Call them on tel. # 55479001 for orders and queries.

Their trays are tres cute, with bright neon lights. The set of 18 minis costs KD 10.

Rise Pudding is located inside Nuzha co-op block 3 branch, the one beside Starbucks Nuzha, and their phone number is 55479001.

Mash potato & gravy vending machine



Brilliant idea. Too bad the dish looks disgustingly horrible.

You can find this at 7-11 Singapore.