Ohio State University’s amazing marching band



Ohio State University’s marching band recreated Hollywood blockbusters for its halftime show. Movies included Superman, Jurassic park, and Pirates of the Caribbean (with fireworks!).

Arab Got Talent is back دعاية آراب غوت تالنت

Season 3 of Arab Got Talent



Season 3 of Arab Got Talent starts this Saturday.

Ahlam’s KFC craving on Arab Idol فصلة أحلام على كنتاكي في آراب آيدول

Ahlam Kentucky KFC Arab Idol



Ahlam got crazy over KFC on Arab Idol last night. I don’t know what was going on in her head at the time, but that KFC rant was bizarre. Almost as bizarre as watching Mohammad Moneer sing last night. He looked drugged out of his head. And Ahlam looked lunatic shouting for some KFC.

Zahed Sultan’s Little Girl album on iTunes



Local music talent, Zahed Sultan (who’s also an environmental entrepreneur and owner of ReUse), has a new album on iTunes. The album features 3 different mixes of Tamtam’s single “Little Girl”, which is produced by him. Click [here] for the iTune album link.

Zahed is the first Kuwaiti musicians to have his music played on MTV and VH1, and also on an episode of CSI.

Treadmill dancer



I can’t slide like that, not even on solid ground, let alone dance. Or maybe I can, if I was on an ice rink trying to gracefully stop my fall.

Got to admit though, he’s good.

Easy cooking videos for young Kuwaitis



A group of young Kuwaiti students in the States are doing a series of “How to Cook”, aimed towards helpless young dudes who know nothing about cooking delicious Kuwaiti dishes. The cooking is not that professional, but I can totally see how our kids (guys and girls) can tremendously benefit from them. They’re sloppy and fast, filmed with humor and a tiny bit of attention; but they get the dish done.

I’ve posted the video of chicken machboos, here are a few more links to some other dishes:

  • Spaghetti [link].
  • Chicken marag [link].
  • Fish em6abbag [link].
  • Kubba potato and vegis [link].
  • Potato balls [link].

If you’re a Kuwaiti stuck abroad and don’t know how to cook a Machboos or Marag, then these videos are totally for you.

You can follow them on twitter @Ma6ba5iBgorbti and on youtube @Ma6ba5i.

Thank you Fahad Al-Ghaith and Ahmad Al-Jna3i for your efforts. You totally rock.

Note to Fahad & Ahmad: I tried replying back by email, but I just got a delivery error back. Here’s my thank you email to you:

Thank you Kuwaiti cooking vids Fahad Al-Ghaith Ahmad Al-jna3i

Respect: Sign language at the Super Bowl



John Maucere performed a sign langage translation of Alecia Keys’ national anthem show at yesterday’s SuperBowl. I don’t know if all this was sign language, but he sure added a lot of awe to the translation. Respect. And btw, he’s deaf too. So double Respect.

Forget about all the players, the commercials, the Beyoncé, because John Maucere is already the best part of the Super Bowl. Maucere was on hand to sign the songs “America, The Beautiful” and “The Star-Spangled Banner” with more emotion than Jennifer HudsonAlicia Keys, and the Sandy Hook Elementary School Choir, combined. With a flair for high-drama comedy that only a bona fide Steve Carrelldoppleganger could muster, Maucere ushered in the patriotic tunes with the bounce and beauty of a North Dakota-based community theater troupe. And it was glorious [link].

Kuwaiti musician Zahed Sultan Live in Dubai

Kuwaiti musician Zahed Sultan live in Dubai

Kuwaiti musician and environmentalist Zahed Sultan will be performing Live in Dubai on Jan 24th . He’s going to sing his single “Hi Fear Lo Love”. Zahed was the first Kuwati to have his music video play on MTV and VH1, and also on the hit TV show CSI. He’s also a well known environmental advocate with his pioneering ReUse project, which is in its 6th cycle this year.

Meet Chef Ramsey at William Sonoma tomorrow


Get a chance to meet the infamous Chef Ramsey in person, tomorrow evening 6.30 om at William Sonoma in Grand Avenue.

Andrew Garfield is one excellent dancer



The latest Amazing and Mr. Spiderman Andrew Garfield turned out to be a great dancer, and super light on his feet. He did like 10 different dances in less than a minute, and almost all of them were pretty damn well.