Miss Saigon is coming back

Miss Saigon musical poster



The legendary West End musical, Miss Saigon, will be back in London starting next May. It originally ran for a whole decade, from 1989 to 1999, turning into Broadway show too. It’s the 12th longest running musical in London theater history. Its production was mind-blowing, it had a real helicopter land on stage as it carried the last of the American soldiers out of Saigon.

3eed El-Fe6er plays مسرحيات عيد الفطر



These are some of 3eed el-fe6er’s plays in Kuwait. Bananaq8 made a more comprehensive list, with more details like phone numbers and play locations. Here’s bananaq8’s table [link]:

Could This Be the Next Mama Mia? Viva Forever by The Spice Girls

The Spice Girls, the famous 90’s girl band, are turning their music into a West End theater production called “Viva Forever”; just like ABBA did with their hugely successful musical “Mama Mia”. “Viva Forever” will start showing in London this December.

I never was a fan of the Spice girls, but considering their impressive and successful musical history, it’s easy to predict that the new musical will be a smash hit:

  • The Spice Girls sold more than 75 million albums.
  • Hold the title of best selling female group of all time.
  • Has the most successful album by a female group.


  This is a promo of the musical and the people behind it, like the producer of Mama Mia and comedian\writer Jennifer Saunders.

فاصل فكاهي حلو مع مسرحية حماة الوطن


يبيلنا شوية فكاهة في خضم هذا التوتر السياسي، و انشاءالله صدور أعضاءنا الكرام تسع مزاحنا الخفيف

Having a Bit of Culture in London

This is what I love the most about London, being able to go out and do fun things other than eating and shopping. There are a lot of plays, musicals, sport games, exhibitions, and other fun stuff to do here. I never get bored, especially when the weather is good and not too harshly cold or hot.

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Preview of the Michael Jackson Cirque Du Soleil Immortal Show


We posted back in November of last year about Michael Jackson’s Cirque Du Soleil’s “The Immortal Tour” [link]. And, guess what? Preparation is over and the show has officially opened a couple of days ago, on Oct. 2nd in Montreal. Here’s a short trailer of the new CDS show.

Oh what I would give to be in Montreal right now. I mean, I love Cirque Du Soleil; and having a CDS show all around Michael Jackson’s music has got to be a Must See thing!

The show will exclusively (so far) tour the US and canada from now till April 2012, check [here] for tickets. After that, who knows. We might get a few European showings. I personally remember at least 2 other CDS shows performed at the Royal Albert Hall in London, so I’m definitely going to keep my fingers crossed for an English tour.

Vid & Pics of Zain’s 3eed Musical مقطع و صور من مسرحية زين الى عالم جميل






اليوم  العصر كنا معزومين على بروفة المسرحية الموسيقية: زين الى عالم جميل، و اللي سيتم عرضها بعيد الفطر على صالة التزلج

المسرحية من بطولة شجون الهاجري، فاطمة الصفي و مجموعة جميلة من الممثلين الشباب. للحجز، اضغط هنا

اضغط هنا لمشاهدة مقطع أطول من المسرحية

Before I begin commenting, I have to express my sincere admiration with the setup, props, customs, and lighting. What we saw today was a magnificent play, done so nicely and to a really good standard. I don’t think we are accustomed to this level of standards in Kuwaiti theatre, especially not in the past few years (or decades).

The stage had huge props, with even bigger setups. We saw a train, a full market, water fountain, palace, huge bedroom, small forest, an orphanage, and a whole lot more. The play pays homage to Charles Dickens’ Oliver Twist, but with a musical flair and a happy ending. The play has a sweet storyline, that nicely develops as the play progresses on. This is a musical, so expect everything to be sang out. There’s no dialogue.

Zain: To a Beautiful World musical is a fun, super kiddy friendly family musical. It has one of the best stage setups I’ve seen in a long time here in Kuwait, and is very entertaining to watch. It’ll be shown 5 times a day, and I highly recommend you book for it. Click here for booking details. Click here to view a longer segment of the play.

As for the stage, we sat in the 10th row (center) and the view was amazing. I would say the view would still be as good even at row 15 or perhaps even 20 (just make sure you stay center). So don’t worry if you can’t get front row seats, because even the rows down further are good.

One last thing: Thank you Mr. Mohammad Al-Muhanini for this kind invitation.

لقطات من زين الى عالم جميل

20110828-034725.jpg   20110828-034735.jpg

20110828-034742.jpg   20110828-034712.jpg

اضغط هنا لمشاهدة صور واضحة و لمقطع فيديو قصير للمسرحية

بروفة مسرحية زين الى عالم جميل


 تحديث: اضغط هنا لمقطع قصير للبروفة و صور من المسرحية

قامت شركة زين بدعوتنا لحضور البروفة الأخيرة لمسرحية العيد الضخمة “زين، الى عالم جميل” و اللي بتنعرض بالعيد. إحنا متحمسين البروفة تبدي و ان المسرحية تكون حلوة و بمستوى التوقعات

Zain’s To a Beautiful World Musical احجز الآن لأضخم مسرحيات العيد: زين، الى عالم جميل


تحديث: قامت زين بدعوتنا للبروفة، اضغط هنا لمقطع و فيديو من مسرحية

زين تقدم لنا أضخم انتاج مسرحي: زين، الى عالم جميل، من كلمات الكاتبة الكويتية هبة حمادة

الحجز في صالة التزلج تلفون مسرحية ٩٠٠٠٧٧٧٣/٤