David Letterman retiring



David Letterman, the host of “The Late Show”, announced that he’s retiring from the show next year. And The Simpsons decided to honor him with a special intro. He deserves it. He come up with the idea for “The Late Show”, produced it, and made it a late-night talk show hit for CBS. He’s my favorite of all the late night hosts.

Another vid of Yahya the Egyptian

Yahya American Hustle movie Jimmy Kimmel



I just love this guy. No wonder Jimmy Kimmel hired him for his show.

Seinfeld is Back!

Seinfeld reunion at the Supwerbowl



15 years after its cancellation, we get to see “Seinfeld” again. It’s just like no time has passed, the cast are really good together.

Bollywood MBC قناة بوليوود الجديدة من إم بي سي

Bollywood MBC new channel

MBC is launching a new Bollywood channel.

It’s coming soon, just saw its first ad on MBC2.

Best performance of Arab Got Talent



I missed the 1st episode of the new season, but this has got to be the best performance of the night.  A lot of people praised the Kuwaiti dance group “Back Stage Group”, but IMO this one legged dancer is a lot better than them.



How Ellen decided to host the Oscars

Ellen hosts Oscars



She decided just like anyone decides anything: make a pros con list.

Her list is obviously funnier than any we come up with.

Arab Got Talent is back دعاية آراب غوت تالنت

Season 3 of Arab Got Talent



Season 3 of Arab Got Talent starts this Saturday.

Silliest commercial ever, from LG



Best to watch it in HD.

Wifi and the Isalmist Sheikh تنكت واي فاي على شيخ دين


WiFi mocks Ahlam تقليد واي فاي لأحلام