Falling Skies is back on



Falling Skies is back with season three, with a two-hour premier. It’s one of the best sci-fi drama shows on TV. That’s not surprising, considering that it’s being produced by steven Spielberg.

Arrested Development’s new season trailer



A new season of Arrested Development is coming back to TV, after being cancelled more than 7 years ago. The new season (#4) is done by Netflix, the leading US movie\tv shows streaming site. 15 new episodes will air simultaneously starting May 26.

I’ve been a fan of the show right from the start. That Bluth family is hilarious, so dysfunctional and socially inappropriate. Sadly the sitcom didn’t do well with ratings, and was canceled after just 3 seasons.

On a happier note, it’s great to see it back on TV. I don’t think there’s ever been a show that got revived back to life after being cancelled so many years ago.

I’ve written about the show coming back around two years ago. I’m so glad the show is being aired according to schedule,  just like they promised.

A new hilarious TV Show: 1600 Penn

1600 penn tv show poster



This is a very amusing and funny tv show, about a dysfunctional first family in the White House. Just imagine if The New Modern, Modern family, and the Obamas had a baby; a weird hysterical hilarious wise-cracking baby. That would be this show. It’s still new with only two episodes so far, but a complete whole season has been ordered already. So yay!!


Stumbled on this great tv show: Last Resort



This isn’t a show about beautiful pacific resorts or islands, nothing like the Love Boat. It’s a military thriller tv show, and it’s super awesome. It’s one of the new fall shows that just started. The storyline is amazing, something completely fresh and captivating. I really recommend you watch this show.

The monkey from The Hangover is in a new sitcom



The famous monkey from The Hangover movie is in a new TV sitcom. I saw the 1st episode of Animal Practice last week, and that monkey was hilarious. She’s so intelligent. They say she gets like $14,000 an episode, and she’s worth every cent!

You might want to tune in to that show. It’s fresh and funny, and all the supporting characters are outstanding and comedic.

A few good and new sitcoms


Towards the end of the summer, I had a hard time finding good TV shows to watch. It seemed that every show I like was either on break, just ended for the season, or has ended for good. It was especially hard these past few weeks, when a lot of the summer shows ended for the season.

So I went online and found a few new good shows. These three here are the ones I liked the most.



Citizen Khan is a BBC comedy, about a Muslim Pakistani family living in Birmingham England. It’s fresh, hilarious, and just brilliant. If you’re a religious fanatic who can’t appreciate a funny joke, then this show isn’t for you.



Mathew Perry stars in this new show, Go On. He’s forced to join a support group, after his wife dies unexpectedly. He’s got a funny take on death, and the guys\gals in his support group represent all the major stereo types out there.



I just love the grandma on “The New Normal” show, she’s racist and homophobic all at once.

Dexter’s season 7 trailer is out and it is INSANE



Dexter’s season 7 two-minute trailer is out. We finally get to know what happened to Dexter after his sister caught him, when he was in the middle of his chopping business.

The whole trailer is insane, and every bit of story is extreme, crazy, and just way out there. Everything’s been thrown in for Dexter’s final season. It looks so good, you wish it wasn’t the series’ last season.

A new and enjoyable tv show: Touch



Touch is a new supernatural\mystery\thriller TV show, starring Kiefer Sutherland in a great new role.

Sutherland plays the father of an autistic boy, who can’t communicate or talk to his kid. The boy is a genius with numbers, and has the ability to decipher sequences and translate them into real-life events. Sutherland just needs to discover his son’s talent first, then start to understand what his kids is trying to tell him.

The sequence of events, acting, tightness of the plot\sub plots is all superb. That makes this show one of the best new thrillers to come in recent years.

I honestly was very surprised, mainly because I find Sutherland completely annoying, especially with all the shouting he did in 24. But in this new show, he is quite and balanced, and adds a real sense of calmness to a great human story, so you can really concentrate on the story and events.

New Walking Dead season 3 teaser



Find out who the mysterious figure is, the one who saved Andrea in season two finale. Also find out what that huge blockaded building is.

I’ve been reading the Walking Dead comics, so I kinda have a better idea about the show’s storyline, history and characters. It’s nice to know that the tv show didn’t exactly follow the comics to the letter, coz the comics were just ridiculously sexist and mighty vulgar too.

Anyways, the four minute season 3 teaser was shown at Comic-Con and it is quite a teaser. Seriously, I can’t wait for the show to start again.

New TV Shows for the Summer



Continuum is a new TV show. It’s a futuristic Sci-Fi police crime\drama show that takes place in our present time. I’ve watched  a few episodes of it so far, and it’s not bad at all. It’ll do till we get our regular shows back.



The other new TV show I found is called Bunheads, and it’s a light drama\comedy. It’s about a dance girl from Vegas that gets married quickly, then moves to a small town. I’ve watched a few episodes of this show too. Though it’s not a great captivating show, it is still funny and light to watch. I actually like it more than JLo Hewett’s The Client List.

Most of my favorite TV shows have either ended or are between seasons, so I went looking for new shows to follow for the summer. That’s how I found two good hsows: Continuum and Bunheads.