New waterproof phone from Sony

Sony Xperia z1

Waterproof phones are not a new technology. Sony and other phone makers already have a few models out for 2 years now. But the new Sony Xperia Z1 is the best one so far. Its best feature is its ability to take photos and record videos underwater, something you couldn’t do with previous models. What’s more impressive is its 21 megapixel camera, which takes great night time no-flash shots. That’s something I look for in a phone (and camera).

Sony SmartWatch2

It was announced yesterday, same day as the new Samsung’s Note3, that’s why it didn’t make noise. It’s expected to be released this month, with a price tag of $730 £56o and €650. What’s even better is if you pre-order it, you get the new Sony SmartWatch 2 for free (worth $260).



Things to do in Kuwait: Boat and fishing trip rentals

Boat fishing trip rentals kuwait

If you ever want to rent a boat for the day or go fishing in Kuwait, then this site is for you. FishFishME offers boat rentals and fishing trips for Kuwait and the GCC. Each boat comes with its own experienced driver, and they range from 25 footers to 33. You can rent the boats either from Kuwait City (at souq sharq) or from Khairan.

Their prices are very reasonable, starting from KD 25 for a 25 foot boat that carries up to 4 people to Kd 80 for a 33 footer that accommodates up to 12. Trips last 6 hours, and can be booked either for a morning or an evening tour. You can use the boats to go fishing, cruise the sea, or visit Kuwaiti islands.

Booking have to be made in advance. You can check out their site for more details on how to book or call Abdullah on Tel. 67665606.

No more Jumeirah Sceirah at Wild Wadi?



When did this happen? I never liked the Jumeirah Scairah much, and took a few embarrassing years to finally ride it, but I’m still sad to see it go.

It was such an amazing and exhilarating ride, that holds some dear precious memories. It’s such an important part of Wild Wadi, that I don’t think the park could be the same without it.

Does anyone know what they replaced it with? I assume with something even scarier.

Weekend Fun: Marina World’s Water & Beach Sports Carnival

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Marina Crescent and Marina Waves are having their first Spring Fling Carnival. It’s a weekend of fun, filled with lots of entertaining sporting and water activities like: beach volley, beach football, tug of war, kiddi activities, live entertainment, competitions and prizes.

But best of all, they’ll be having an exciting water rafting competition (tomorrow from 9 am to 4 pm), which I think will be the highlight of the whole carnival.

The Real Madrid Island Resort in Ras Al-Khaima

Spanish and world football champ club, Real Madrid, has announced its plans to open a “Real Madrid” resort island in Ras Al-Khaima, UAE.


The resort island will be a beach, water sports, football, and entertainment destination.

It will also have 60 bungalows, 50 600 sq mtr villas, a marina, a Real Madrid museum, an amusement park, and the 1st ever hologram stadium, plus another 1st ever sea-facing football stadium.


The resort island will also have a 450 room 5-star hotel, plus another 450 luxury apartments.

The resort is expected to cost $1 billion, and will officially open in Jan 2015.


Amazing Offers on the New Regency Hotel

The new Regency Hotel has great summer offers on their rooms, they start from just kd45 a night. Check it out. The hotel has like 3 beaches and 5 pools, and is totally brand new.

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Going Fishing

I’m going to take advantage of today’s beautiful weather and venture out to sea for some good 7adag.

Don’t pay too much attention to my pic here, I usually catch much bigger fish. Hoevere, this small fish nagged the hell out of me when scuba diving a couple of years ago… She even latched on to me when I got back on the boat. So serves her right elsara7a (I threw her back at sea btw).

Anyways, have a great weekend. Thank god the weather is ok, we can finally start to enjoy our sea and beach. Make sure you have fun today.

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Fun Parasailing in Kuwait

Today my friends tried parasailing, and they had an amazing time. I’ll try to write a proper post when I get the chance.

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Devil’s Pool Victoria Falls

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Devil’s Pool is a water lagoon on the edge of Victoria Falls that’s completely surrounded by rocks, giving the swimmer a complete view of one of the most beautiful waterfalls in the world, from a very attractive angle.

Win great prizes with Naser Sport Center grand opening

Naser Sports Center’s latest, biggest, and 60th branch is opening today in 3qaila area, at 6 p.m.

That are many great prizes to be won, including:

  • 5 iPads.
  • 10 Blackberries.
  • 10 Treadmills.
  • 20 cycles.
  • 1,000 kiddi gifts.
  • 100 KD 10 vouchers.