Dusty Kuwait



The picture on top is of Marina Crescent this morning. The one on bottom is how the marina normally looks like (and not even on a a particularly clear day). The weather is so dusty today, you can’t see anything beyond the boats. It’s as if the whole salmiya city skyline doesn’t even exist behind them.

The only good thing about today’s dust is that it’s not too windy, i. e. no dust flying on your face or in your eyes.  Yeah, that’s how lame our weather is. No wonder half the people are traveling on this long weekend. I don’t blame them, not one bit.

Pics of snow and rain floods in Saudi Arabia

Snow and rain floods in Saudi 3  Snow and rain floods in Saudi 2

Snow and rain floods in Saudi 6  Snow and rain floods in Saudi 5

Snow and rain floods in Saudi 4  Snow and rain floods in Saudi

Tabouk Saudi Arabia got a load of heavy rain and snow, the rain turned into floods with snow and hail covering its desert grounds.

The snowfall wasn’t as much as the one they got last year, but it still is an amazing site to see when summer is just around the corner.

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Snow in Saudi Arabia ثلوج في تبوك السعودية

Tabouk region in Saudi Arabia got snow a few days back. It pretty much covered the whole area, and caused a lot of havoc and casualties. Eight people died and many dozens were injured, roads were completely gridlocked with stuck trucks and cars.

Click [here] and [here] for pics of last year’s snow in Tabouk, Saudi.

The weather in Dubai


As much as it is winter in Kuwait, it is so summery in Dubai. The weather here is hot and humid, and I now regret not bringing our bathing suits with us. Keep the weather in mind when packing for Dubai. T-shirts and summer dresses, nothing heavier.

Accu Weather acting funny



I depend on Accu Weather all the time for forecasts, both in Kuwait and abroad. But for the past few days, it’s been acting funny and is rarely accurate anymore.

The difference in temperature at this time is 6 degrees, that’s a big disparity. Anyone knows what’s wrong with it?

Heartbreaking cover of New York magazine

A sad and touching picture on the cover of New York magazine.

The easiest part of a harried three days came Friday around noon, when we met to settle on the cover. A photograph taken by Iwan Baan on Wednesday night, showing the Island of Manhattan, half aglow and half in dark, was the clear choice, for the way it fit with the bigger story we have tried to tell here about a powerful city rendered powerless. We crammed back into the conference room, raced to finish our pages, and hoped, like other New Yorkers, that everyone would find the lights on when they got home [link].

Time lapse vid of Hurricane Sandy showing Manhattan go dark



Start watching from second 50, the lights start going out at the one minute mark.

Fake pictures of Hurricane Sandy

With Hurricane Sandy looking to be the strongest storm the US has ever faced, the internet filled with many face pictures of it and its divestation. Here’s a small collection of them that Mashable posted [link].

Hurricane Isaac causes a terrifying Air France landing





This happened at Saint Martin’s island in the Carbibbean. It took this Air France flight two times to finally land, just a few minutes before Isaac hurricane was supposed to hit.

This is what I would call a very horrifying flying experience, I can’t even imagine what the passengers were thinking or feeling during all this.

50+ weather next week!


I guess we better fix our ACs before the heat wave hits us.