Will You Be Watching the Royal Wedding?

Super Hilarious Qaddafi Inspired Wedding Invitation

What do you think? Isn’t this super LMAO funny?

Kakao’s tempting 50% off offer

Kakao is having an amazing 3-day 50% off special offer on selected chocolates, until Jan 20. The flavors range from Gers Ogaili, New Turtle, Old Fashioned Brownies, Mixed Chocos, Oreo Ogaili, to my personal favorites Raspberry Cheesecake & Oreo Clusters. All of these are 50% off, until Friday Jan 20.

Kakao is by far my most favorite chocolate place in Kuwait. Their chocolates are tasty, fresh, unique, and super delicious. They’re the kind of chocolates you serve at home, in hospital, or send to the office for someone important.

I always take a few kilos with me for my Saudi & Bahraini friends, whenever I’m visiting them. All of my friends love the chocolates, and the cute packaging it’s served in. And they never believe me when I tell them Kakao is a pure KUwaiti local business, owned by young Kuwaitis. The chocolates aren’t cheap, but they are really delicious. Plus Kakao always comes up with new flavors to serve, so for me the price is well justified.

Gers Ogaili bag of 15 pieces is now KD2, down from KD4. Chocolate Mix of 2 pieces of 18 different kinds is now KD5, down from KD10.

250 grams Oreo Clusters is KD 2, down from KD4. And 8 pieces Old Fashioned Brownies are now just KD1.5, down from KD3.

Since I always have Kakao chocolates in the house, I thought of sharing with you pictures of what’s left of my last order of Oreo Clusters & Raspberry Cheesecake chocolates (bought just 10 days ago).

You can reach Kakao on Tel # 97162323. You can also find them on their Facebook page.

Take advantage of the amazing prices, and order some today and tomorrow.

One of the greatest wedding invitations I’ve ever seen

I think most mother-in-laws in Kuwait would love to use this kind of wedding invitations for their sons’ weddings. Though it’s such a rude invitation, it’s still hilarious. I hope you liked it too.

Biggest Celebrity Summer Wedding: Chelsea Clinton in Vera Wang

Today, Saturday July 31st, is the day Chelsea Clinton gets married. The wedding is taking place in Rhinebeck, New York.

Chelsea is the former 1st girl of the USA. Her dad of course is former US president Bill Clinton, while her mother Hillary Clinton is the present US Secreatry of State. That means the wedding, the town, and the attendees will be secured to the highest levels possible.

President Barak Obama had joked about not getting an invitation to the wedding, saying that it would be a security nightmare to have 2 presidents together at the same place at the same time.

Anyways, back to the gossipy bits. The bride will be wearing a Vera Wang wedding own, the wedding is budgeted between $3-5 Million, it’s taking place at Astor Courts, and is bigger than the biggest celebrity wedding. Reason being is that the wedding will be attended not only by celebrities, but also by world leaders. That is what makes this wedding the wedding of the decade in the eyes of many.