The proper rules for wearing Hijab

Silly rules for wearing HijabPic [credit]

Saudi Arabia: No Woman No drive

Saudi Arabia No Woman No Drive 3  Saudi Arabia No Woman No Drive 2  Saudi Arabia No Woman No Drive



This is a video about the Saudi Women’s campaign to drive of Oct. 26. I saw it over the news here in California, along with the religious guy who decided that driving will damage women’s ovaries.

Saudi passes doemstic abuse law السعودية تقر قانون ضد العنف الأسري

Saudi domestic abuse

أقرت السلطات السعودية للمرة الأولى قانونا جديدا يمنع كافة أشكال العنف الجنسي والبدني سواء داخل المنزل أو في مكان العمل.


وتتضمن العقوبات عقوبة السجن لمدة عام وغرامة تصل إلى ما قيمته 13 ألف دولار [بي بي سي].

Saudi Arabia has, at last, passed an anti-domestic abuse law. Offenders, sexual and violent, will face up to a year of prison or a fine of SR 50,000. Maybe now husbands will finally stop beating their wives, and fathers killing their children.

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Hillary Clinton finally joins Twitter

Hillary Clinton joins twitter first tweet

Check out her first tweet. So badass. “I’ll take it from here”. It’s right up there with the Terminator’s “I’ll be back”. And will you check out President Clinton’s shout out to her?! That’s pretty awesome too!

The guy and gal she’s thanking were the ones who created the hilarious Texts From Hillary on tumblr. Former US First Lady\Former Secretary of State\Former Senator got a healthy sense of humor.

Video: Why are you in Kuwait? By an American lady



Here’s a video shot by an American lady working in Kuwait. She’s not a military worker, so she lives off base and be out and about in Kuwait like a normal foreigner. She works for a company that does business with the American Military  in Kuwait and not married to a Kuwaiti, so her point of view is the closest to an average American as you can get.

The video here offers a nice glimpse into how an American would live in Kuwait. Just like a typical Kuwaiti, she goes to The Avenues mall on weekends. She speaks very positively about local women’s sense of makeup and fashion, how shopping here is excellent, and what she would normally wear when going out in Kuwait.

I liked the video, it showed how Kuwait is really like. Lots of international shops, very normal dress attire (minus the hot shorts and tube tanks), and the abundance of American and international restaurants.

Here are some of her words about Kuwait (I just pasted a few short paragraphs, you can check the whole thing [here]):

 First of all they are VERY accepting of American culture and lifestyle, for the most part. NO as a woman I don’t have to be fully covered. We just have to be mindful and respectful. So sure I can wear a skirt or a short dress and they really cannot do much to punish you, but you just have to be willing to deal with the awkward stares lol but it’s really not as strict here as you may think it is.

The cost of living here is quite expensive, the Kuwaiti dinar is almost 3 and a half times more than 1 US Dollar. The Kuwaiti Dinair also beats the Euro, so Kuwait is FAR from third world living, contrary to what most might believe.

As for the demographics here, Kuwaiti’s are surprisingly more like the minority here. There are tons of Filipinos, Ethiopians, Somali’s, Egyptians, Nigerians, Brits, Americans, Indians, Pakistani, and other races here as well. It really is quite a nice mixture of people

Did I tell you how much American culture is accepted here?! They have everything we have and much more: Krispy Kreme, Chili’s, PF Changs, Applebee’s, Buffalo’s, McDonald’s (of course) and ALL of them deliver.

I also love how the culture here is so beauty obsessed. Makeup artistry, plastic surgery and all things beauty are all the rave here. People are always looking for the next best thing, we have everything state of the art with beauty and cosmetics. Which makes the makeup artist like me fit right in :)

Kuwaiti tweeter jailed for 11 years الحكم على مغردة كويتية بالسجن ١١ سنة

Twitter Jail

Huda Al-Ajmi, a female Kuwaiti tweeter, was sentenced to 11 years in jail on three separate charges for overthrowing the regime and  offending the Emir.

Angelina Jolie on the cover of Time magazine

Angelina Jolie on cover of Tima Magazine

Time magazine chose Angelina Jolie to cover their latest issue. The actress shocked the world this week by announcing that she had a double mastectomy, to prevent any chance of her getting Breast Cancer in the future.

Angelina Jolie on cover of Alqabas Kuwait

Al-Qabas posted the same news on its first page yesterday. They were ridiculously chastised by some ignorant and dense people, who apparently were titillated by Angelina having her breasts cut out. This is a scary fatal medical procedure, and not some sensual sexual movie scene you sick fools.

It took tremendous courage from her to go with this completely preventative procedure. Her courage might encourage other women to do the same too.

One of the sexiest women on earth chose to remove her breasts, which present a big part of her sex appeal, just so she may prevent the threat of cancer in the future. That sure will encourage a lot more ordinary normal women to do the same. To lose some of their vanity, and do something to prevent fatal cancer.

And if Brad Pitt, whom is also one of the sexiest men alive, supported and encouraged his girlfriend to have it; then it might also encourage ordinary and regular men to support their spouses in this.

Time magazine called it the Angelina Effect, because the news was huge and it will have a tremendous effect on the way people view genetic testing in death prevention from now on.

Happy Mother’s Day

Screen Shot 2013-03-21 at 12.00.28 PM

Happy Mother’s Day

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