The premier of Oprah’s final season


This is the premier of Oprah’s final season. What do you think? Will it be an awesome final season?

Olsen twins have a sister?

How come we didn’t hear about her before? The Olsen twins have a grown up sister called Elizabeth, who’s 21 years old and looks a lot like her sisters, Mary Kate and Ashley. And she wants to be an actress too.

She’s starring in an Indie movie called Martha Marcy May Marlene. What a mouth full name for a movie.

Primetime Emmy awards are tonight

The Primetime Emmy awards are tonight at 8 EST. There is a collection of great shows on honor including some of my personal favorites; like 30 Rock, Big Bang Theory, Dexter, Parks & Recreation, and Two and a Half Men. This is a full list of this year’s nominations.

It’s going to be hosted by Jimmy Fallon, one of the funniest guys out there. He’s got enough experience in doing this, since he hosted the MTV movie awards twice and the MTV VMA awards. That is impressive, so the night should be fun with him hosting.

This year’s awards are supposed to be the most exciting in a longtime for many reasons:

  • Some of the shows nominated have already been cancelled.
  • NBC & Emmy are going to stream live the awards worldwide.
  • Record number of nominations for some studios.

For more details about the show, click here and here.

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Paris Hilton collection of mug shots

Seems like Paris Hilton is aiming for a world record or something, this is like her millionth arrest. Here are 3 of her most famous mug shots. My personal fav is her latest one, when she got arrested yesterday for Coke possession in Las Vegas. Though I have to admit, she looks good in all of them.

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Allah yr7am Nejoud Boodai

Yesterday, Nejoud Boodai, one my friends from since we were teenagers, passed away. Allah yr7am Nejoud w eygamid roo7ha elyana inshalla.

We first met in high school, then we continued to London; where she studied fashion and I studied business at the same college.

She has always been sweet, friendly, soft, and caring. I’m sure a lot of people are very sad for losing her, but at least we are comforted in knowing she is not suffering from her terminal illness anymore.

Nejoud was a successful business woman. She opened up her first fashion shop right after college in the fashionable Beauchamp Place in London. And as a pioneering Kuwaiti fashion designer, way before it became a habba in kuwait, she successfully started designing uniforms for Kuwait Airways and the Kuwaiti Army. She also has a very trendy shop in Salhiya Complex, called N.B. Boutique. You can read more about N.B. Boutique at confashions here, here, and here.

And again, way ahead of other in kuwait, she started JuJu’s cupcake bakery in Fanar Complex. She also has a very stylish flower shop called Flower Story in 360° Mall.

Nejoud was as active as she was sweet. And there is a huge truth about the old saying “Mayroo7 elah elzain”. Allah yr7umich ya Nejoud. You will always be in our prayers.

Betty White is joining my favorite TV show

It looks like Betty White is going to joinCommunity” TV show on NBC, in a guest role as an old eccentric professor. If you all remember, Community is one of my most favorite TV shows. It’s highly hilarious, super funny, and just awesome. And that was BEFORE Betty White joins them.

I don’t know if I can handle a show that great.

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A very wise red indian chief

Wow, this guy is really wise. Clear to the point and precise. Total wisdom can be found in his words.

Steven Tyler Confirmed as American Idol Judge

It seems that it has been confirmed that Steven Tyler is set to be American Idol’s judge. We’re still waiting for the other 2 judges. Jennifer Lopez is officially out, she became such a Diva when making up the agreement, and so no deal was struck with the show to have her on it.

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lol, I’m sorry if I’m offending anyone, but this is funny

Miss USA, Rima Fakih doesn’t have a problem posing for cameras topless. Her only condition is that she gets photographed from the back only. According to her, she doesn’t allow pictures from the front (and I’m quoting her here):

“I’m Arab, I’m Muslim, and I didn’t want to disappoint many people.”

As an Arab and a Muslim my self, I can appreciate this statement. At least she’s speaking her mind. Besides, if she’s living in the States, then this might be a good way to blend in smoothly. Kudus for her for at least worrying about us.

FatBurger Kuwait is Double Delicious

Fat Burger Kuwait Storefront  Fat Burger Kuwait softdrinks

Fat Burger Kuwait Interior 2  Fat Burger Kuwait Menu

Fat Burger Kuwait Menu 2  Fat Burger Kuwait, Single with lettuce, tomato and grilled onion

Fat Burger Kuwait, Single burger  Fat Burger Kuwait with fries

Fat Burger Kuwait, Single burger with bacon and egg  Fat Burger Kuwait Chunky fries

Fat Burger Kuwait, single burger bacon and egg cut in half  Fat Burger Kuwait, Milk shakes

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So I finally got to go to FatBurger, Kuwait. It’s located in Spoons food-mall on Fintas coastal road, just before Alia & Ghalia towers and before the Sakura\Wasabi\Ruby Tuesday food-mall. It’s open daily from 4 pm to 11.45 pm, no phone number yet.

We were 2, and we ordered 3 burgers. 2 single burgers, and one double burger; thin fries and chubby fries, soft drinks, and milkshakes.

First off, I got to say the place is a bit expensive. A single burger meal is like kd 3.25-3.5, and a double burger meal is like 4.25-4.6; with the extra toppings of cheese, bacon, or eggs. Our total bill was just over kd 13, so it turned out not to be that expensive after all.

Secondly, the food was amazing. The burgers are really light, both in oil saturation and spice-wise. Everything is just so light. I had a burger AND a half, and I still wasn’t full when I left. This is such a great feeling, after being used to getting stuffed to death with other burger places.

Thirdly, the place is big. It is quite big. But I feel that the number of tables could’ve been a lot more if they cleverly used the space.

Everyone was friendly enough. But the staff is still under trained. The cashier got our order mixed up, so we ended up paying more money to get our fries; because she didn’t punch in the meal code at the beginning. Also, when our chunky fries didn’t come, we had to get up again, go upstairs, and order AGAIN. That was annoying.

It should be noted that the menu is not yet complete. Half of the items are not available yet; like hotdogs, chili, chicken, and the vegi-burger. I was happy with my food, so I really didn’t care much.

I loved the place. The location is just perfect if you’re in chale, and want to have a good meal. The food is light and delicious, which will makes it easier to choose to eat there again.

One last funny thing. I was asking if FatBurger opens in the morning, like on fridays or weekends. The funny reply I got was that they are thinking of having a double shift in Ramadan, like one in the morning and one at night. I didn’t have the heart to correct the sweet lady. But it was still funny.

Anyways, FatBurger Kuwait is located in Spoons Food-Mall on Fintas’ coastal road. The is on the same side as Sakura and Wasabi. The building has a TGI Friday’s on the corner, so you can’t miss it. The place is exactly opposite Pizza Express. And it is just before Alia & Ghalia towers and Wasabi\Sakura, if you’re coming from the city. It is just passed them if you’re coming from Chale or Fahaheel.

Bon Appétit mon amis.

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