Prince William of Britain flies economy siya7iya

Prince William flies coach Eli Ross

The future king of England, Britain, and the United Kingdom flew economy on one of his trips in the US. I don’t have to wonder if this will ever happen in our region, because it’ll never happen at all.


The Royal Photobomb

Queen Elizabeth photobombs BBC

Queen Elizabeth toured the BBC the other day, and walked into the middle of the news segment. This is the best pic I could find of her royal photobomb [link]. Gotta love QEII, she’s so funny.

Was Prince Harry chasing an Ice-Cream truck?



What do you think? Was Prince Harry chasing an ice-cream truck (as insinuated by the vid title), or was his British\Afghan base under attack?

Either way, he sure runs fast and limber.

Royal baby on the way, this time it’s for real

Finally, more than a full year after I wrongly posted about this, Kate Middleton is Finally pregnant. And this time it’s real and official, just check St. James’ palace press release. Can’t get more official than that.

Rumours are back on the mill, saying Kate might be pregnant with twins!

Yeah, I’m bored, I’ve got nothing better to do than do celebrity gossip. At least, it beats the bashing I get when I post something real as current events and local politics.

Congrats Will and Kate. Wish you all the best.

The Duchess of Cambridge is expecting a baby, St James’s Palace has announced.

Members of the Royal Family and the duchess’s family, the Middletons, are said to be delighted.

A spokesman said the duchess, who is thought to be less than 12 weeks pregnant, has been admitted to a London hospital with acute morning sickness and is likely to stay for several days.

The baby – the couple’s first – will be born third in line to the throne, after Prince Charles and Prince William [BBC].

Queen Elizabeth welcomes the Emir of Kuwait

Click on the  pictures to enlarge and view them as a slideshow.

Queen Elizabeth welcomed our Emir, Sh. Sabah Al-Ahmad, on his three day official state visit to Britain. He was greeted with a military ceremony and welcome by the Queen, Princes Phillip and Charles at Windsor Castle.



Here’s a short video of the royal reception



Here’s another longer video, this one is of the whole reception, courtesy Al-Jalawi blog.

Eton college goes Gangam Style



Eton college, Princes William and Harry high school Alma mater, made its own Gangam Style dance video. The students call it Eton Style, and they’ve even come up with their own Etonic lyrics.

Good to see those young stiffs having a silly sense of humor.

Naked in Las Vegas

Ok, just be forth warned, I’m not gona post Prince Harry’s birthday suit pics here. But if you do want to see them, albeit a little covered, just click [here].

The royal British prince was apparently playing a hand of strip poker; where HE LOST the hand.

Shame on you Prince Hot Gings, didn’t you know gambling was bad for you.

Kate Middleton Wears the Same Pair of Shoes Over & Over

Kate Middleton has worn the same 2009 LK Bennett shoe too many times to count, and they only costed her $300.


Prince Harry Having Fun Being The British Ambassador At The Caribbean


Kate Middleton Wears an Older Season Missoni



What do you know. Kate Middleton is really for the clothes, not for when they were designed or made.

She’s seen here in an M Missoni coat, way back from the AW2010 collection. And to complete her savings, she even bought it from the outlet discount village in England.

Way to go Middleton, that’s proper British frugality to you. A lesson, a lot of us could learn to appreciate and\or at least respect.