Bollywood MBC قناة بوليوود الجديدة من إم بي سي

Bollywood MBC new channel

MBC is launching a new Bollywood channel.

It’s coming soon, just saw its first ad on MBC2.

Wifi and the Isalmist Sheikh تنكت واي فاي على شيخ دين


WiFi mocks Ahlam تقليد واي فاي لأحلام


Ahlam’s KFC craving on Arab Idol فصلة أحلام على كنتاكي في آراب آيدول

Ahlam Kentucky KFC Arab Idol



Ahlam got crazy over KFC on Arab Idol last night. I don’t know what was going on in her head at the time, but that KFC rant was bizarre. Almost as bizarre as watching Mohammad Moneer sing last night. He looked drugged out of his head. And Ahlam looked lunatic shouting for some KFC.

Um Kalthoum’s hologram هولوغرام أم كلثوم في إقتتاح ام بي سي مصر



A hologram of musical iconic legend Um Khalthoum was created for the launching ceremony of MBC Egypt. And just like Tupac’s hologram that appeared in last year’s Coachella, Um Khalthoum’s one looks very real and believable.

MBC chairman joins Twitter وليد الإبراهيم يدخل عالم تويتر

The chairman of MBC group, Waleed Al-Ibrahim, has finally joined the world of Twitter. I’m not sure if this is his real account, because it’s still not a verified one, but it does seem to be real.

As owner of all MBC channels, including Al-Arabiya News, he is considered to be one of the most influential Arabs in the world.

WiFi covers 7aleema Boland تقليد حليمة بولند في برنامج واي فاي



7aleema Boland doesn’t have any shows this Ramdan, but MBC’s WiFi gave us their own comedic impression of her in their show tonight, as a reminder of her nagging personality.

WiFi covers Shouji تقليد شوجي ببرنامج واي فاي



Shouji has become a kind of celebrity in the Gulf region. More than like actually, she is a celebrity. She worked hard throughout her acting career, and deserves her new huge fame. And she’s also super nice in person, especially with special-needs kids. That’s a very admirable quality in an actor and celebrity.

Here you can watch MBC’s WiFi program do their own impression of Shouji, with Basshar Al-Shati coming along for the ride. I personally think that Shouji is much funnier in person, but the guy who did Basshar was spot on. It’s like watching the real Basshar!

Mansour Zayed on MBC’s WiFi منصور زايد الأصل و التقليد



MBC’s mosalsal WiFi gave us this hilarious and funny segment, a spitting doppelganger of Manzour Zayed in his “6ala3 3asheg” video clip. They even got his eyebrow winky thing right. As for his hip swaying moves, those are just some added bonus. Honestly, the clip is just pure hilarity.

And here’s the original\real music vid version in case you wanted to see the real Mansour Zayed:


Al-Ballam covers Shams البلام يقلد شمس في إشطح



قمة المصاخة و المسخرة