NBK’s new Hala Hala Zaina commercial



We grew up with this commercial. I didn’t know any kid who didn’t have NBK’s green golden camel piggybank. I even had an aunt named Zaina, and she was young and had black hair like the girl in the commercial, and I thought the commercial was about her.

The new commercial seems exactly like the old one, except for a stronger Kuwaiti pronunciation of Wa6ani at the end. And maybe a softer “ja” when singing ‘aljamal’. And here’s the old Hala Hala Zaina commercial:



Registration for NBK’s Walkathon now open

NBK Walkathon 2014

Registration for NBK’s annual is now open, until 1 p.m. March 13th. The tent is set up just before The Scientific Center on Gulf Rd., and you can also register online [here]. The race is on March 15, which should still be a cool enough day for the walk. The race is fun for the whole family. It’s one of those fun exciting and different days, plus you might win exciting gifts. So go register now and participate.


So I went to the Walkathon, here’s what I thought of this year’s event [link]:

Buzfairy commeny on NBK Walkathon 2014

And here’s what Mr. Harold Walker thought of it:

To Whom It May Concern,I have participated in the annual NBK Walkathon for over 6 years; yet, this is the first year there were no buses available to take the walkers back to the starting point of the event – and that after many were still cold and wet from the rain. I think this was very unfortunate and shines a negative light on the whole event. I certainly hope in the future organizers will do a much better job in this regard.

H. Walker


Wa6ani ElKwait from NBK إغنية وطني الكويت من البنك الوطني



This is NBK’s song for this year’s national celebrations of our independence and liberation days.

Can’t beat this: Zain’s National Holiday song يا زين الكويت

Zain Kuwait national liberation celebrations



Whatsapp has been buzzing all day about Zain’s 3eed wa6ani video. And with very good reason.

It’s beautiful. Just perfect. And I loved how they let girls dance this time, not make it an all men vid.

I vote to have Zain and NBK handle our national celebration operettas from now on. Who can forget NBK’s 7abeebti ya Kuwait? [link]. And I bet the two of them will do a phenomenal job, and be under budget too. Something like what we used to watch in the 80’s.

Wow. What an amazing video. Wish Kuwait was more like that in real.

NBK’s 3rd Ramadan commercial إعلان الوطني الرمضاني الثالث

NBK Ramadan commercial

NBK Ramadan commercial 2



This is NBK’s 3rd commercial this Ramadan, here are the [first] and [second] ones.

Here are some of the other Ramadan commercials: Gulf Bank, Rauch, Viva’s [Ramadan] & [Gergai3an], Ahli Bank, and Tijari.

NBK’s 2nd Ramadan commercial إعلان الغنايم الجميل للبنك الوطني

NBK Ramadan 2nd commercial 2

NBK Ramadan 2nd commercial



This commercial is much better than NBK’s first Ramadan one shown last week (which you can watch here). It tells a very beautiful story of good old Kuwait and the great rewards you get out of good deeds. I guess you can say I really liked this new commercial.

Bravo NBK.

NBK’s Ramadan commercial دعاية البنك الوطني لرمضان

NBk Ramadan commercial snapshot 2013



I was looking forward to watching NBK’s Ramadan commercial, but this commercial disappointed me. It started out well, but then just fizzled down. Definitely not as good as previous years’.

Ramadan gift basket from NBK هدية الوطني الرمضانية

Click the images to enlarge or view as a slideshow.

كعادتهم كل سنة قبل شهر رمضان الفضيل، قام البنك الوطني بإرسال صندوق هدايا جميل. هذي السنة كان الصندوق مليان حلويات من دين و ديلوكا، بالإضافة لمسكرات و فواكه مجففة، و علبة مخصوصة من غاريت بوبكورن



شهراً لبنك الكويت الوطني و عساها عادة ما تنقطع و نقول للجميع عساكم من عواده

NBK’s free travel insurance: It Works

NBK free travel insurance

NBK offers free travel insurance if you book your flight tickets using their credit cards. I’ve never had a chance to test their insurance till my recent trip to the US. I had accidentally cut my finger with a sharp blade and had to go to the ER, and my bill was $2,000 (which I later managed to negotiate down to $780).

Since I always book my tickets through NBK, I decided to check if my injury was covered. And it turned out that yes, it was covered. I get $50,000 for emergency medical coverage.

So when I got back to Kuwait, I got the documents ready (like scanning my passport and sending the original medical report) and sent it to Al-Ahlia Insurance (NBK’s insurance buddy). It took them a week to reimburse me the full amount (less $100 deductible).

Here’s a link to NBK’s travel insurance page, and here’s a list of what incidents are covered (and amounts offered) by NBK’s travel insurance:

NBK free travel insurance coverage amounts

Reminder: NBK’s annual walkathon in 10 days


Just to remind you about NBK’s annual walkathon. This year it’s on Saturday March 23rd, and registration is open till Thursday March 21st.

It’s basically a walking race with 4 age categories each for men, women, and children. The distance is 6 kms for women, and 8 kms for men. Kids will have fun and sporting activities, plus the race itself, in the Green Island.

Registration is held at NBK’s tent just before The Scientific Center in Salmiya. It’s one of the biggest sporting events in Kuwait, and is usually a very fun and exciting day.