Oprah’s Favorite Things – the 2012 edition

Here’s the [link] to Oprah’s Favorite Things list for 2012. I was going to post about the best items, but I was shocked at how long the list was. There’s a total of 60 different favorite things on the list this year, including a top tech Elliptical exercise machine, an electric scooter, and exotic soap collection.

Click [here] to find out what all those 60 things are, and please do share what your favorite parts are with us.

Video Highlights of Oprah’s Interview with Kim Kardashian



This is a short video highlighting moments of Oprah’s interview with Kim Kardashian that took place last night.

Oprah Interviews The Kardashians



Oprah will interview The Kardashians for the first time ever this week, for her “Oprah’s Next Chapter” show.

Oprah doesn’t know the Kardashians or follows their major hit TV show, but she was fascinated by their popularity and wanted to explore the public’s interest in them. Oprah has prepped very well for the interview. She also says that this interview is one of the longest interviews she’s done, just from the sheer number of Kardashians she talked to.

“I genuinely wanted to know why they have become a cultural phenomenon? Why do so many people love to watch their every move and why do so many others love to hate them. Are they completely ego centered? Are they really ‘famous for being famous’ or is there something more?” [link] .

Part one will air on June 17, and part two on June 24.

Watch the Promo for Oprah’s Surprise Farewell Show


Ok, what or who is the surprise? We’ve already seen President Obama come on the show, we’ve also seen Oprah’s half sister, who\what else can be bigger surprise?

Click here to see some of the VIP guests attending Oprah’s show finale.

Forbes’ 100 Most Powerful Celebrities

Ok, the number one spot was a surprise.

Who ever thought Oprah won’t top this list? Well she didn’t this year, Lady GaGa did. Oprah was the list’s #2.

Lady GaGa sure deserves to be on top. She’s got like 30 million Facebook fans, 10 million Twitter followers, and has topped the charts with almost every single she’s ever made; not to mention her own GaGaville\Farmville game. That’s true power.

You can view Forbes’ complete list here.

Oprah’s half sister’s house

It’s a 4 bedroom, 1 bathroom, 1070 sq. feet house, that’s valued at just $55 thousand.

Pic & info taken from TMZ.

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Good Morning America’s reaction to Oprah’s half sister


I leave the reactions to you, to whether Oprah is truly shocked to discover she had a half sister or that she just kept the juicy secret as an appetizer for her final season. Of course, Good Morning America had their own opinion on the matter.

Breaking News: Oprah Winfrey has a sister

From TMZ:

Turns out The Big O has a half-sister named Patricia — who was put up for adoption at a young age and bounced around foster homes until she was finally adopted at the age of 7. Oprah said her mother never told her about Patricia.

Oprah, Patricia and her mother were all reunited on the show.

Go over to TMZ to watch the touching videos.

Oprah sure looks different here

September issue’s cover of O magazine is nothing short of stunning. The transformation of Opera is just amazing, she looks absolutely different with this new hair do.

I don’t know if she cut her hair, or it’s just a wig. But it is amazing. You truly can change someone’s look just by changing their haircut. Wow.

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A great cover by Oprah’s magazine

O, Oprah Winfrey’s magazine, has a very lovely cover for its October issue.

It’s a powerful tribute to Breast Cancer Awareness Month, October. You can read their breast cancer article here.

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