Rashed Al-Majed’s new album ألبوم راشد الماجد الجديد: مصيبة


Fellow blogger CoolQ8Y posted the song links to Rashed Al-Majed’s new album, Moseeba. Click [here] to listen or check them out. The album officially launches today, Jan 15th.

Al-Jasmi and Rashed’s new duet جديد الجسمي و الماجد: إسأل مجرب



This is Hussain Al-Jasmi and Rashed Al-Majed’s latest duet. I personally didn’t like it much.

If you want to listen to a very nice Rashed song, then to listen to his “Shams 7ubi” duet with Mai7ad 7amad.

Al-Jasmi and Rashed’s latest song جديد الجسمي و الماجد: إغنية استريح



Esteree7 is Hussain Al-Jasmi & Rashed Al-Majed’s latest duet. It’s nice to hear them sing together once again, after their Al-Gargan duet back in 2010. However this latest collaboration is not good, and you won’t be missing much if you skipped the new song altogether.

Mazaj Elyoum Rashed Al-Majed مزاج اليوم راشد الماجد


Rashed Al-Majed’s Elli Lega A7babah راشد الماجد، اللي لقى أحبابه

Al-Janadriya Festival 2011 اوبريت فرحة وطن بافتتاح مهرجان الجنادرية


احم احم يالسعوديين، المهندس قبل الماجد؟ كأنه يبيلكم عرج كويتي يعدلكم هالسالفة العوية

This is the whole video of Al-Janadriya Festival opening, it’s more than an hour long. King Abdullah did not attend, on account of his sister’s death yesterday.

The opening was sang by many beautiful musicians like Mohammad 3bdo, 3bdl Majeed 3bdulla, Rashed Al-Majed, Yara, Al-Mohandes, and many more.

Rashed Al-Majed’s Bahraini Song اغنية “البحرين مانرضى عليها” لراشد الماجد


الاغنية اسمها “البحرين مانرضى عليها” لراشد الماجد و احمد الهرمي

اغنية يا دكتورة جروح الغرام ـ راشد الماجد و فايز السعيد


اغنية حلوة و تطرب… و من كلمات فزاع

Ya ba5at glbi for Rashed Al-Majed اغنية يا بخت قلبي لراشد الماجد


New Vision posted about this new song of Rashed Al-Majed, called Ya Ba5at Glbi. You can also download the MP3 version from here.

Thx a million New vision :)