Mas3ood Ozil Does the Prayer Athan in Kuwait



Mesut Ozil read the Quran and recited the Athan prayer call during Real Madrid’s game in Kuwait a few days ago. Mesut is a Muslim football player, and I guess it was nice seeing him do these things. Nice move.

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Real Madrid is Coming to Kuwait Next Month

Kuwait Football Club is bringing the famous Real Madrid FC to Kuwait next month, to play a game here on May 16th.

Update (2): Get your game tickets [here].

Update (1): More details [here].

This is awesome news to all football fans out there. Kuwait FC has a very successful track record of getting top international teams, and in making them bring and play their top international stars too. You won’t regret buying a ticket for anything organized by Kuwait FC. In this case, you’ll get to see Cristiano Ronaldo and his star mates play in front of you, in person!!

When Kuwait FC got Brazil’s national football team to play here a few years ago, we got to attend a 2-day fun football event, and got to see all the top Brazilian players play in person infront of us. Kazma FC, on the other hand, flopped when they brought Barcelona FC to play in Kuwait. We had the worst experience with them, because all we saw was Barca’s 3rd team, not even a glimpse of Barca’s 1st or 2nd teams, and no stars whatsoever. Plus, Kazma over killed with ticket prices. I still feel that they robbed me of my money. Whereas, I feel Kuwait FC should have charged us more, because we ended up having a lot more fun than just a single football game.

No details yet on ticket prices or categories. [Link].

Barca Fans شماتة البرشاويين

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Barca beat Real Madrid 5-0!! Watch the goals in video

Look at the frustration and shock on Real Madrid players’ faces

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Wayne Rooney might be leaving Manchester United


It looks like Manchester united’s main striker, Wayne Rooney, will most likely leave the team. Maybe as soon as this January, according to several newspapers.

Rooney was left out of the team’s last game, and that has led to heated discussions with the Man United’s manager, Sir Alex Ferguson. In addition, Rooney was also tied to a scandalous sexual stories during the past month, which has shed a lot of negative publicity about the 24-year old player.

Rooney will most likely transfer to Real Madrid, to join his old Man U’s team-mate Cristiano Ronaldo.