WiFi covers Shouji تقليد شوجي ببرنامج واي فاي



Shouji has become a kind of celebrity in the Gulf region. More than like actually, she is a celebrity. She worked hard throughout her acting career, and deserves her new huge fame. And she’s also super nice in person, especially with special-needs kids. That’s a very admirable quality in an actor and celebrity.

Here you can watch MBC’s WiFi program do their own impression of Shouji, with Basshar Al-Shati coming along for the ride. I personally think that Shouji is much funnier in person, but the guy who did Basshar was spot on. It’s like watching the real Basshar!

Vid & Pics of Zain’s 3eed Musical مقطع و صور من مسرحية زين الى عالم جميل






اليوم  العصر كنا معزومين على بروفة المسرحية الموسيقية: زين الى عالم جميل، و اللي سيتم عرضها بعيد الفطر على صالة التزلج

المسرحية من بطولة شجون الهاجري، فاطمة الصفي و مجموعة جميلة من الممثلين الشباب. للحجز، اضغط هنا

اضغط هنا لمشاهدة مقطع أطول من المسرحية

Before I begin commenting, I have to express my sincere admiration with the setup, props, customs, and lighting. What we saw today was a magnificent play, done so nicely and to a really good standard. I don’t think we are accustomed to this level of standards in Kuwaiti theatre, especially not in the past few years (or decades).

The stage had huge props, with even bigger setups. We saw a train, a full market, water fountain, palace, huge bedroom, small forest, an orphanage, and a whole lot more. The play pays homage to Charles Dickens’ Oliver Twist, but with a musical flair and a happy ending. The play has a sweet storyline, that nicely develops as the play progresses on. This is a musical, so expect everything to be sang out. There’s no dialogue.

Zain: To a Beautiful World musical is a fun, super kiddy friendly family musical. It has one of the best stage setups I’ve seen in a long time here in Kuwait, and is very entertaining to watch. It’ll be shown 5 times a day, and I highly recommend you book for it. Click here for booking details. Click here to view a longer segment of the play.

As for the stage, we sat in the 10th row (center) and the view was amazing. I would say the view would still be as good even at row 15 or perhaps even 20 (just make sure you stay center). So don’t worry if you can’t get front row seats, because even the rows down further are good.

One last thing: Thank you Mr. Mohammad Al-Muhanini for this kind invitation.

Robert Pattison’s New Shouji-Like Haircut توايلايت مقلدين قصة شوجي


Shouji’s marriage proposal خطبة شوجي على الهوا مباشرة


Actor Hussain Mahdi proposed , on the air, to Shouji. She didn’t say yes or no, just told him to pass by her house later on 3ashan ytfahimoun. Wonder what her answer might be (probably NO).

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Is this really you ya shouji?

I don’t think this is a real pic, it might be photoshopped, like a really really really bad photoshop. She looks down right scary.

Hathi shouji eli en3arefha, before el horrible ta3deel

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More on Shouji with Paris Hilton

I had posted earlier with a picture of Shouji with Paris Hilton. Well, it turns out that Frankom had one more picture, the one posted up here.

Frankom took the pictures from 6umasha’s blog, while I got mine from a BB message, thanks RoRo.

Shouji with Paris Hilton

Update: one more picture here.

Look at this!! Wow… Shouji mehi hayna!

Shouji is with Paris Hilton.

I only have one comment about Shouji. Ok, I lied. I have like a million comments. But since Shouji is such a nice girl (she really is), I won’t comment on anything about her.

I’ll just leave you guys with this wonderful picture. You can watch Shouji 2 on Funoon