Zahed Sultan’s Little Girl album on iTunes



Local music talent, Zahed Sultan (who’s also an environmental entrepreneur and owner of ReUse), has a new album on iTunes. The album features 3 different mixes of Tamtam’s single “Little Girl”, which is produced by him. Click [here] for the iTune album link.

Zahed is the first Kuwaiti musicians to have his music played on MTV and VH1, and also on an episode of CSI.

Kuwaiti musician Zahed Sultan Live in Dubai

Kuwaiti musician Zahed Sultan live in Dubai

Kuwaiti musician and environmentalist Zahed Sultan will be performing Live in Dubai on Jan 24th . He’s going to sing his single “Hi Fear Lo Love”. Zahed was the first Kuwati to have his music video play on MTV and VH1, and also on the hit TV show CSI. He’s also a well known environmental advocate with his pioneering ReUse project, which is in its 6th cycle this year.

New music video by Kuwaiti musician Zahed Sultan



Here’s the latest vid of Kuwaiti musician and environmentalist Zahed Sultan; the first Kuwaiti ever to have his music vid air on MTV, VH1 and on CSI. In his latest vid, he goes political and  tries to capture the pre and post events of the Arab Spring. This is how he describes the vid:

“Like This (ha-ka-tha)” pays tribute to the social frustrations that have plagued the MENA region prior to the Arab Spring. In classical spoken-word Arabic, Zahed calls upon the Arab people to stand in unity, against tyranny, with a sense of civic pride.

Kuwaiti Music Video to Air on MTV & VH1



This is Zahed Sultan’s 3rd music video. It’s so great to see a local artist succeed on this kind of international level. I’m so proud!

Check out Zahed Sultan’s site for all his other music. Btw, Zahed and his friend are the guys behind the ReUse Project.

CSI موسيقى صاحبنا الكويتي زاهد السلطان بحلقة من مسلسل



This is awesome, I feel so proud. Zahed Sultan is one of the guys behind the super successful ReUse project, which is in its 5th year this round in. He’s also a musician with an album and a half under his belt.

Zahed Sultan is a social entrepreneur with creative ventures in a variety of professional fields. Through mediums such as music, film, online, print, & more, Zahed strives to inspire differentiation in others and push the envelope on pre-conceived routes to achievement.



Check out his new remix of 4 of his tracks off  the “Hi Fear Lo Love” album, which you can also buy from iTunes here.