Classic novel, great love story

In between me trying to fix my broken HD and having the early symptoms of the flu; something wonderful caught my attention on TV. Love in the Time of Cholera will be shown on some channel, and it will be dubbed in Arabic.

I say wonderful, because this novel is a top favorite of mine. I’ve been reading it over and over again for a really long time. I even got so excited a couple of years ago, when I heard that it’s finally being turned into a movie. I was in London when it premiered, and I got to watch it in Odeon Leicester Sq.

Needless to say the book is much better than the movie. But what was even more shocking was how bad the movie was. I mean the movie costed $50 million. That ain’t change money or coins. How come they couldn’t hire better screen writers or show more extravagant things. I wasn’t disappointed when I knew the movie didn’t even break even with the cost. In any case, I deleted the whole experience from my brain, and now I’m only able able to remember the novel and nothing else.

The author is Gabriel Garcia Marques, a winner of the Nobel prize in Literature. He has been accredited with bringing Latin American literature to the world. He won the prize for his other novel, One Hundred Years of Solitude. Thank good this novel wasn’t turned into a crappy movie too!


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