President and goalkeeper of Inter Milan are in Kuwait for Al-Roudhan tournament

Tomorrow is a special day for Al-Roudhan Ramadan Football Tournament, and the organizers have a few surprises for us.

The president of Inter Milan Football Club AND their goalkeeper, M\S Massimo Moratti and Francesco Toldo, will both be attending and watching the tournament’s activities here in Kuwait. You can read all about it here and here.

What’s more exciting is they’re bringing all 4 cups and trophies Inter Milan won last season 2009/2010 with them; the UEFA Champions League, Seria A., Italian Super Cup, and Coppa Italia.

It’s going to be a very exciting day tomorrow. I don’t really know who’s playing who in the tournament these days, but just seeing the cups in life and having the president of Inter Milan & the goalie presenta is more than enough honor for anyone.

And just in case you’re wondering what the hype is all about Inter Milan; they are only the best football club in the world right now. Just like Barcelona was last year, when Al-Roudhan got their president to come for last year’s tournament.

Ya36eekum el3afia yal Roudhan, etbaythoon elwayh!

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Meriam Faris dancing Iraqi in Fawazeer Ramadan vs her in Hala February

Meriam Faris was so cute in Hala February 2010. But I seriously have no comment on her dancing to the Iraqi song in Fawazeer Ramadan.

I will enjoy Meriam Faris in Lamabma one more time.

DJ Tiesto coming to Abu Dhabi

  • One of the most famous DJs in the world is coming to Abu Dhabi on Oct. 1.
  • Tiesto will be performing at ADNEC Hall, as part of his Kaleidoscope tour.
  • Prices are from Dh 130-250, strictly 18+.
  • You can get tickets and information here.

Last time I saw Tiesto was in Dubai, 3 years ago, on Valentine’s day. That was a terrific weekend for me and my friends. We got to see both Tiesto and Santana that weekend. I highly recommend going to Tiesto for an electrifying night, but I do wish he was playing in Dubai and not Abu Dhabi.

Dancing Dog

No comment is needed, this is just utter cuteness.

Kuwaiti rap song raddan 3ala Qatari rap song

I think almost everyone in kuwait heard the Qatari rap song they wrote after BuNabeel & BuQotada TV show mentioned their Sh. Hamd, wazeer el5arijiya malhum.

No matter what the Qatari people think about the episode, it’s just not cool to be dissing our Emir. Sh. Sabah has to be respected. He had nothing to do with the show or whatever arguments came of it. He is the head of Kuwait, and should not be joked about and insulted like the Qataris did in their silly song.

Frankom just posted a new Kuwaiti rap song, in response to the Qatari one. The song is respectful to Qatar, it doesn’t mention their Emir or insults anyone like they did us. Well, you do have to ignore the repeated use of the word Tais, But you got to admit, Qatar has a semi monopoly on the word anyways.

Enjoy the song, and I hope this matter is finally settled because it’s getting really ridiculous.

Bath and Body Works Shamiya Mall, Kuwait

If you’re like me and love Bath & Body works, then you will love this small shop in Shamiya Mall. It’s called Body Works and is located at the entrance of  Shamiya Mall, which is in the same parking lot as Shamiya co-op.

This small shop carries a lot of B&BW products; including shower gels, body lotions, body sprays, body butter, hand creams, and room sprays. Prices are reasonable at about KD4.5 for a lotion or shower gel, after discount that is.

Like I said, they’re located at the entrance of Shamiya Mall, on the ground floor, and their phone numbers are 9733-3649 & 6658-6490. And they accept credit and ATM cards.

McDonald’s in Kuwait

Unlike my previous post where everything looks delicious on the menu, McDonald’s in Kuwait isn’t that appetizing. In fact, terrible is a better description for it.

Look at the Fish-o-Fillet. They cut the cheese slice in half, and put just one half on the sandwich? If so, then why would they charge 800 fils for an incomplete sandwich like this? Isn’t that close to $3 for just a sandwich and half a cheese slice? And what about the coke. I ask for a diet, and this is what they give me? Stingy ingrdients, terrible fries, bad fish sandwich, and even worse Mc-Chicken.

I won’t say I would never eat at McDonald’s again, that would be a lie. But I’m pretty sure I won’t be going there any time soon.

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McDonald in the States

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Look at these gorgeous pictures. Don’t you want to go to McDonald’s for breakfast, lunch and dinner; and for everything in between?

Our local menus suck in comparison. Do we even have half the stuff here? I don’t think so. Bummer.

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