August 2, 1990. Long Live Kuwait

I don’t know if we can forgive, but we sure will never forget.

Long Live Kuwait.


Not that happy with the Yogi Bear Movie Trailer

I was really excited about the new Yogi Bear movie coming out Christmas time. However, now that I’ve seen the movie trailer, I think I lost my enthusiasm. What a shame, I don’t think Dan Akroyd nailed Yogi’s voice just right.

Ahh well, it is still worth watching I guess.

N.B.: you can watch the trailer on youtube here.

Enjoyed my Inception Movie

Remember my last post about the movie Inception? Well, I finally got to watch it today, in 360 Mall.

The film was long at almost 2 and a half hours; but it also was entertaining and challenging. It goes without saying that the plot, screen play, scenes, and acting was top notch. And the killer point of the movie is trying to figure out what’s going on during the whole time. If you’re like me, the light romantic comedy types, then you’ll get lost following the movie very early on; like I did.

But still, the movie was good, and the acting was excellent. The shooting and the violence was at a minimum. It was well worth my time. Apparently, it was also worth the time of a lot of people, since Inception is still topping the Box Office Revenues.

Open all hours: Express Fatwas

Al-Daleel TV channel will offer an express 24\7 Fatwa service during the holy month of Ramadan, as reported by Al-Arabia News.

I really don’t like entertainment style Fatwas, I only believe in official ones offered by the likes of Al-Azhar or the Mofti of Egypt. I like the latter two in particular, because it takes someone an age life worth of Islamic learning to reach the this level of Ifta2.

Anyways, we’ll watch Al-Daleel and see what kind of weird fitawees we’re getting. that should be entertaining.

Daniel Craig to star in the “Girl with the Dragon Tattoo” movie

The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo is a best selling crime novel, and is a part of the Millennium trilogy.

This best selling novel will be turned into a movie starring Daniel Craig of James Bond fame. The lead female role is still un-casted. The movie is set to be shown in December 2011.

I love books, but I haven’t read this one. I’m going to download the kindle version right now, so I have time to read all 3 books before the movie comes out!

Amazing Exhibition: Door of Holly Ka’aba along with Ancient A9nam

The original door of Al-Ka3ba Al-Mosharafa is currently under exhibition at the Louvre’s Museum as part of the “Roads of Saudi Arabia” Exhibition.

What is shocking about this exhibition is that it will also feature an ancient statue dating 400-600 b.c., and this statue is just like Al-A9nam the Profit Mohammad ordered to be destroyed at the beginning of Islam.

The show will run from July 14 till September 27, 2010, and will be in the Louvre’s new Islamic Arts halls financed by prince Al-Waleed Bin Talal (approx. cost is $24.5 million).

I think the door is just amazing.

Tiger Woods returns to Dubai

Tiger Woods is to return in 2011 to the Dubai Desert Classic Golf Tournament after a 2 year absence. He had won the championship in 2006 and 2008.

حقيقة العاصفة….. Special 210 episode show about the Iraqi invasion of Kuwait on Al-Watan TV

Though I’m not a fan of Al-Watan TV channel, still this new series has to be mentioned and advertised.

Al-Watan will air a special 210 episode (210 days  of invasion) show about the Iraqi invasion on Kuwait. Each episode will chronicle the events of that specific day in the iraqi invasion, starting from the events of August 1st till the Liberation of Kuwait on February 26th.

I think the show is a must see. The show will air daily at 7.40 p.m.