Not that happy with the Yogi Bear Movie Trailer

I was really excited about the new Yogi Bear movie coming out Christmas time. However, now that I’ve seen the movie trailer, I think I lost my enthusiasm. What a shame, I don’t think Dan Akroyd nailed Yogi’s voice just right.

Ahh well, it is still worth watching I guess.

N.B.: you can watch the trailer on youtube here.


5 Responses to Not that happy with the Yogi Bear Movie Trailer

  1. frannie84 says:

    LOL didn’t he learn from Bill Murray’s mistake? Or did he mistake the director for someone famous, just like the Murray did? You’re right about the voice, it was completely off… but the jokes seem okay. I may not get away with watching it if it cam out on Netflix because of my boyfriend’s uber-judgemental-ness. Maybe I can sneak a peak at it whilst he sleeps.

    • buzfairy says:

      lol…. the sneaking out part is so funny… In my case, I’m going to watch the movie, no matter how bad its trailer was… My loyalty to YoGi Bear tell sme i have to 😉

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