Risky Book: Irani girl writes a memoir about sex, stripping, and Rock & Roll

The Last Living Slut: Born in Iran, Bred Backstage is a Memoir  hailed as the Rock & Roll version of  Salman Rushdi’s “Satanic Verses”, as quoted by Newsweek magazine.

Roxana Shirazi is an Iranian born woman, now living in the UK. She was born in the pre-Islamic Revolution, and was sent to London at the age of 10 to finish her studies and to be raised away from the Islamic revolutionary ideas of Iran in the early 1980’s.

Well, Ms. Shirazi has outdone her self here. She has written a memoir that is very sexually explicit, in which she clearly describes all of her abusing and sexual experiences in vivid detail. Readers should be well warned before picking up a copy. She mentions names, describes experiences, and uncover the sleazy underground clubbing scenes of London.

In case you’re wondering what kind of Rock & Roll we’re talking about; well, lets just say that Guns & Roses and Papa Roach are just a few of the bands she mentions.

You can read some of the news about her in Newsweek here and in NY Daily News here.


Black Eyed Peas are releasing a new album

The Black Eyed Peas are releasing a brand new album at the end of this year. The album is almost ready, and should be in stores in time for christmas holidays.

The new album is called “The Beginning”, and comes as a relief to all the fans who thought the band was breaking up because of Will.I.Am’s   egotistic attitude, which has had both his band members and his fans to fed up with him. Fergie was really close to quitting the band just a couple of months ago.

What a relief they’re staying together!

UAE BlackBerry ban extends to visitors’ devices too

Apparently, the BlackBerry ban the UAE plans on starting in Oct of this year will also extend to all BB devices; even to devices issued to business men and tourists from other countries. These people will not be able to use their own countries’ BB roaming services while visiting the UAE.

Dubai International Airport handles more than 100,000 travelers on a day; most of whom are tourists and businessmen needing their emails and browsing devices. This is catastrophic, it means that businessmen won’t be able to access their emails or the documents they need in their business meetings in Dubai.

With that fact in play, it will be really hard to continue to sell Dubai as the Business-Friendly city as it is advertised right now.

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World’s largest digital picture @ 70 GiGa-Pixel

This 70 Giga Pixel digital picture of Budapest just became the world’s largest digital picture ever. The record holder before it was a 45 Giga Pixel digital pic of Dubai.

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Here comes the 1st ever 3D video camcorder

DXG will be selling the 1st ever 3D camcorder. It comes with a 7″ media player, along with appropriate viewing glasses. It’s priced at $600, which ain’t too bad for a pioneering new technology.

The 3D camcorder will go on sale starting August 6, and you can read the whole review here.

More pics from Al-Qabas August 2, 1990

Remember when I showed you a few pictures of Al-Qabas‘ Invasion day edition? Well, I took a few more. These new ones closely capture the reactions of the USA, UK, And Saudi Arabia; and to the Kuwaiti Stock Exchange.

Saudi Arabia bans Blackberry Messenger, UAE bans ALL BB services

Everyone knows that the UAE will be suspending all BB services starting from Oct 11 this year. That isn’t exactly news about the UAE.

What I’m trying to grasp is Saudi Arabia also banning the BB? Almost everything on the net indicates so, but none of my saudi friends have said anything to me yet.

It appears that the UAE will ban ALL Blackberry services, which includes BB messenger, email, and web browser. While Saudi is rumored to ban only the BB messeger.

For some reason, the Saudi ban is making me sad. I don’t know why that is. Maybe because if Saudi bans the BB, then Kuwait might be follow?

Look who’s out of jail, Lindsay Lohan on her way to rehab.

Lindsay Lohan was just freed from jail this morning, after serving just 13 days of her 90-day prison sentence. She is on her way to rehab.

She still has to do another 90-days in a rehab center in New Port Beach, California. Let’s see how much she can shrink this number too.

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