New Blackberry 9800 Torch comes out, with touchscreen

RIM announced today the latest Blackberry phone called Torch, the 9800. It’s a touchscreen phone with a slide-out keyboard. It will operate on the latest BB OS, OS6.

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9 die in shooting at Beer distribution factory in Connecticut, USA

8 people have died in a shooting at a beer distribution factory in Connecticut. The shooter was a disgruntled employee whom was asked to quit his job. The shooter also took his life in the process. Many others were injured.

Do you miss Panini cafe? Well, I found it!!

Panini Cafe used to be one of my favorite sandwich places in Kuwait. It opened up years ago, and was the 1st in Kuwait to introduce gourmet style sandwiches and to open in the Business district. However, Panini shut down a few years ago, which was shocking seeing how successful the place was. I’ve been looking for it for atleast 3 years with no luck. But guess what, I found it today!!

I was browsing 6alabat’s site trying to pick a place to order lunch from, when I saw this new place called Salsa Verde. The menu sure looked very familiar, with all my favorite sandwiches and salads. Even the sandwich numbering was the same. Seeing all of these similarities, I decided to try the place out. So I ordered 3 sandwiches and a salad. Sadly, salsa Verde are not serving Pizza like Panini used to, which is such a shame.

I waited patiently for my order. When the bags came in, everything looked like it was from Panini; down to the tiny containers of mixed olives. I had ordered the fresh Mozzarella, goat cheese, and tandoori chicken sandwiches; along with Gargeer\pomegranate salad. Everything tasted exactly the same as Panini.

I am so happy I found Panini again. I used to love the place. The one opposite Al-Seef palace is close to my home, but the branch in Bagdad st. is on my way back from shopping in Marnia and Salmiya. Both branches were win-win for me.

I didn’t dare to ask Salsa Verde if they indeed are Panini, I was a little shy to tell you the truth. But take my word, IT IS PANINI.

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This makes me feel proud to be a Kuwaiti

According to AlArabiya News; the Council of Ministers in Kuwait has decided to revoke Khalid Al-Moraikhi’s Kuwaiti citizenship, and are even thinking of banning him from ever entering Kuwait again. He got his Kuwaiti citizenship just recently in 2003.

Funny thing is that he said he wants to be a Saudi again. Well, his official nationalization file has his cancellation of his Saudi citizenship; which means that he has forged or submitted illegal papers to get the Kuwaiti citizenship. The Kuwaiti authorities are investigating this now, in detail.

The Council of Ministers’ decision to take away his citizenship made me feel very proud. Kuwait is not something you buy from the market, and decide to return back later if you don’t like it.

Way to go Majlis Al-Wiara’!!

Update available here.

Smell like Shakira

Shakira just came out with her 1st ever fragrance\perfume. It will go on sale in next month. I hope it’s good!

Easiest way to play Movies & TV shows on iPad

I have a tone of videos on my MacBook; movies, TV shows, and personal videos. If you use a Mac, you’ll know that most video formats are in AVI, and can’t be displayed on iTunes and so can’t be played on either the iPod or iPad.

I found this conversion software, called WonderShare. And I’ve been using it for a few weeks now. I fell in love with it from the minute I used it, but I decided to give it a month’s trial period just in case my initial reaction was over exaggerated.

So now after a full month of trials, and after converting more than 100 Gigas worth of videos; I can safely and honestly say that this software ROCKS. It’s super easy to use, and is very user friendly. You just add the videos you want to convert, choose (or create) a destimnation folder for the converted videos, choose iPod or iPad format, and voila. That’s it really.

I usually just choose the iPod format because the conversion time is a lot shorter than the higher-quality iPad format. I can still watch the iPod formats on my iPad, and can even hook up iPad\iPod to the TV and just watch the movies there. I bought an Apple TV cable from Digits for this, for KD 21.

The software is free to trial, if you’re ok with having the logo watermarked on he videos. I’m ok with that, so all my 100 Giga conversion have been for free so far!

A big thank you out to Ha2 Designs

I had posted about Ha2 Designs Dararee3 exhibition a few days ago. And today, Ha2’s lovely owner mentioned my blog on its facebook wall. So thank you Hanan so much.

Really cheap Air fairs to Bahrain

I might go to Bahrain for a day tomorrow. I was checking out the flight prices, and it turns out Wataniya and Jazeera offer the cheapest deals.

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