What sitcom to watch next

I love to watch the 20 minute regular sitcoms on my iPad whenever I’m waiting for something or someone.

Some of my favorite shows are “Community” and “Cougar Town“, both only have one season because their still new shows. I also watch newer seasons of older Tv shows like “Two and a Half Men” or “30 Rock“.

These days, I’m trying to find totally new sitcoms. It’s not easy. I don’t like “Modern Family“, I don’t like “Accidentally on Purpose“, not do I like “Glee“; so the choices rae sometimes limited foe me.

Anyways, I’m going to start watching “Parks and Recreation“. It’s not a new show, almost  2 seasons have aired already.  It stars Amy Poehler, so chances are I’m going to like the show.

Wish me Luck.

Older posts about the iPad are here and here; about TV shows are here, here, and here.


11 Responses to What sitcom to watch next

  1. q8travelbud says:

    if ur into hbo series … I like entourage … I also enjoyed the middle (Debra’s everybody loves raymond’s new show) they finished one season now

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