Look at how many times Bill Gates was on Time Magazine

I found like 8 Time magazine covers of Bill Gates, then I got tired and gave up. I bet he was on like at least 20 covers!!


Lady GaGa goes super crazy

Check the news for your self!

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Kanye West new album comes out this November

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According to MTV, Kanye West’s latest album is coming out sometime this November. More importantly, his next single might come a lot sooner, towards the end of this month!

I know he’s super famous and all; but for me, he’s more known for his collaborations with Yaj-Z\Rihanna and Chris Brown (and for his super hot boldie girlfriend).

Beautiful horses on the beach in Jlai3a

While swimming yesterday, I saw these couple of guys on really pretty horses. The horses were enjoying their playtime in the water, it was a nice sight to watch.

BlackBerry Messenger is back in Saudi Arabia

It seems that RIM and Saudi Arabia have reached an agreement in their BlackBerry ban dispute. RIM will place a server in Saudi Arabia, which will solve SA’s security issues.

The ban was supposed to start yesterday (Friday) midnight. The BB service was cutoff from ome people, but not all. My friend in Al-Dammam had her service cut, while my other friend in Jeddah had it on. I didn’t have the heart to tell the Damami friend that her luck sucked.

Anyways, alf mabrook for Saudis and elfal to UAE too.

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Discount coupons in Kuwait

I got a free edition of Promo Plus magazine while I was shopping at TSC the other night. The magazine is filled with discount coupons that can be used in a lot of places like Baroue, Cinnabon, Digits, Movenpick Bedi3, BreadTalk, Peppes Pizza, Relax Time spa,Piano Piano, and many more. Discounts range from 10% to 35% or even more.

You can get the free monthly magazine at any TSC. You can also view some of the offers on the magazine’s website.

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Do you want to see this while having lunch?

What do you think? Appetite opener or suppressor?

I just think it’s scary.