Tom Ford Private Blend Perfumes in Kuwait

I was commenting in a previous post about Debenham now offering Tom Ford perfumes, and how expensive they are here at KD 153 for the Tom Ford Private belnd.

Well, a reader informed me that this particular perfume is about the only one expensive in Kuwait, and that the rest are reasonably priced at KD 45 each. Plus, the Tom Ford private blend collection is already expensive in the states and is selling for $450-490, which is just slightly cheaper than Debenham’s price here.

Private blend comes in 2 major collections: “Tom Ford Private Blend” and “Tom Ford Private Blend with White Musk“. The 1st collection has more than 10 different perfumes and is the expensive one, while the other one has about 4 different cheaper ones.

Tom Ford Private blend are very rare to find, and are sold out almost instantly. I know that I my self will be heading to Avenues tomorrow to get my hand on one or 2 of them. My favorites are Arabian Wood and Oud Wood, they smell amazing.

Special thanks to my reader Om Tota.


Kuwait Airways offers to 3omra to Mecca in Ramadan

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Kuwait Airways has issued it’s price listing for 2 and 3 night 3omra offers to Mecca, Saudi Arabia, this Ramadan, You get to chose when you want to go, beginning of month or mid month; weekends or weekdays; and which hotel you want. They have a huge choice of hotels including Intercontinental Dar Al-Tawheed, Hilton Mecca, Grand Zamzam, Le Meridien Mecca, and Hilton Mecca Towers. And there are many other hotels too.

Have a look at the offers, they are good.

FatBurger Kuwait is expensive

When I went to Fatburger Kuwait last week, I immediately thought that FatBurger was a tad bit expensive. Then I thought about it, and convinced my self that no, I had ordered a lot, thats all.

Well, guess what? also thought FatBurger is a bit expensive too. Glad to know I’m not the only one!

Just remember one thing, the food is really delicious and light.

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You won’t believe this isn’t Courtney Cox

We all know Monica from the TV hit Friends. Does this look like Courtney Cox is bumping Betty White at the Teen Choice Awards? It sure looks like her. But no, it’s not Courtney Cox. Click here to know who it really is!!

Really amazing offers to Dubai with Kuwait Airways

I got this by email, and I just thought that the prices are just amazing. Almost all of the hotels in this offer are top notch 5 star hotels, not what you would normally expect from KA. Hotels include Atlantis Dubai, The Address Dubai Mall, Royal Mirage, Intercontinental Festival City, and the Fairmont.

Way to go Kuwait Airways. Anyone else feeling the need for a 2 night escape to Dubai perhaps? I know I do.

Tom Ford perfumes now in Avenues

Updated post is here.

Wow… If ur like me trying to look for Tom Ford perfumes, u’ll know they’re not available in Kuwait and are mostly sold out in other countries.

Well, my friend bbd me a pic of something she found while shopping at Debenhams, Avenues. Wow is all I can say. Having Tom Ford perfumes in Kuwait is really nice. Pricy, but nice.

For now, just rejoice, Tom Ford is here and for the wonderful price of kd 153 (ok the price sucks big time, sheno da5la? Waraq thahb mathalan).

Why HBO’s Boardwalk Empire pilot cost $18 Million

Go over my previous post to know more about the pilot. When I read it cost  HBO $18 million, I started wondering why. So here is my 2 cents worth.

Boardwalk Empire is a show produced my Martin Scorsese, and he’s also directing the pilot episode. Terence Winter of The Sopranos fame is the show’s screenwriter and producer too. The show is set in the 1920’s, around the time when Atlantic City was growing. Here is a preview of the show.

Since it’s an era themed series, a special 300 foot set was specially built to replicate the famous boardwalk properly with old buildings. Set props like old cars, costumes, and appliances had to be specially made for Boardwalk Empire too. Plus, the set was built in Brooklyn not at a cheaper location, which would’ve lessened the cost. Here is a 2 minute video of the Boardwalk construction.

The cast number for Boardwalk Empire is impressive with a crew of 300, 225 actors in speaking roles, and  a 1,000 extras. The Tv series is based on a book of the same name, and the TV rights for it had to be bought too. The book comes out August 16.

Boardwalk Empire is the most expensive TV show ever produced, season 1 has cost HBO $73 Million. HBO is banking on its success, and has already sold the broadcast rights to a whopping 160 countries. Which basically means the whole world will be watching this new show.

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