Betty White is joining my favorite TV show

It looks like Betty White is going to joinCommunity” TV show on NBC, in a guest role as an old eccentric professor. If you all remember, Community is one of my most favorite TV shows. It’s highly hilarious, super funny, and just awesome. And that was BEFORE Betty White joins them.

I don’t know if I can handle a show that great.

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Don’t get disgusted coz this is really hilarious

Check out the fatty talky tummies in this vid, they are insanely funny.

One of the oldest colored movies, made in 1922

The movie was made in color, by Eastman Kodak, in 1922. It’s actually pretty good, it’s amazing how old and good it is.

New album for Rihanna this November

It looks like Rihanna will be releasing her latest and 5th album on November 2. AND will be releasing a new single called “Only Girl” next week. Both are exciting and great news.

Rihanna’s new album doesn’t have a name or a cover yet. But who cares, as long as it comes out on time, right?

Kanye West’s new album is coming out in November too.

Today is my One Month anniversary

It has been exactly one month since I started blogging (well, one month and one day to be exact). It was, and still is, a wonderful experience. I’ve enjoyed posting and reading the lovely comments from you guys and girls.

Thank you for making my 1st month fun and entertaining. And thank you for Being here, love you all.

Here’s a link to my 1st post ever 🙂

Gergai3an @ Amiri Hospital

I was at the Amiri hospital a few days ago during Gergai3an time. Suddenly a group of young girls wearing 7jabat and 3abayat came into the room, and asked if they can distrubute Gergai3amn and sing for us. So we said, hell yeah, fougah. Anything to change the gloomy mood.

They gave us small baskets and bags filled with sweets and candy, and sang for a few minutes. They were fun, and they told us that they belong to Sheikh Nabeel Al-Awadhi’s Durar foundation.

To tell you the truth, they made us all wonder how in the hell does Nabeel Al-Awadhi endorse singing and Gergai3an. Good for him walah.

Sorry for being away

I was busy the last few days because one of my aunts was admitted to hospital, and it meant that I was kind of distracted from my blog for a few days. I missed the blog and I missed you guys. I hope things will go back to normal in a few short days.