Thank you om ToTa, my favorite B in the whole wide world

My best friend, and one of a handful of people who know about my blog, celebrated my one month blog anniversary today. She got me a Marron Glace cake from Opera, which we ended up eating in IKEA of all places.

She did everything behind my back. First she tells me she’s going to be a bit late, came up with a an excuse that made me wonder. Then she disappeared when I was ordering the food; to get the plates, forks, and kitchen knife from the IKEA people.

I go back to the table, and I see this Opera bag. And I’m like, what’s going on? Then she tells me “Mabrook”, and that she had wanted to do this ever since I reached 5,000 hits (now I’m at 7,500 mashalla). Then she decided to wait a couple of days till the actual anniversary.

This turned out great, because yesterday his&hers delivered the great news that I was on the top 10 Kuwaiti sites of the day, which is like WOW. So the celebration was double. And since we were going to IKEA anyways, she decided it would be ok to take the cake there.

We had a lovely time, we ate good food, and everyone enjoyed the relaxed quite atmosphere. Thank you B for making my anniversary and the great news even more special.

Older posts about IKEA are here, here, and here.


9 Responses to Thank you om ToTa, my favorite B in the whole wide world

  1. 0new0vision0 says:

    greatly deserved .
    So Happy for you Buz . wish i was there to celebrate it and blow up some candles

    did u save me a piece ?

  2. buzfairy says:

    Lol… I think we forgot the candles 😉

    And, yes, I definitely saved a piece for my non-Kuwiati readers…. 3awafi moqadaman 🙂

  3. Nivine says:

    Wow..cake looks’re friend is so sweet and thoughtful…wish I was there to share the moment…;***

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