I wouldn’t stand here if you paid me a Million!

I can not believe how these guys are standing there. The waves, the wind, the dark skies. How can they not be afraid?

This picture was taken off the coast of New York, as “Earl” increases strength towards becoming a tropical storm. Earl has already struck Cap Cod and Nantucket at speeds of over 70 miles per hour. That is scary.


Very hilarious Google translator

I tried Google’s translation service over a post of mine. This is what I got. I couldn’t stop myself from laughing:

Here is my original post:

Olsen twins have a sister?

How come we didn’t hear about her before? The Olsen twins have a grown up sister called Elizabeth, who’s 21 years old and looks a lot like her sisters, Mary Kate and Ashley. And she wants to be an actress too.

She’s starring in an Indie movie called Martha Marcy May Marlene. What a mouth full name for a movie.

Update on cargo plane crashing in Dubai

This is an update to my earlier post about a UPS cargo plane crashing in Dubai 7 hours ago. Here are some updates:

  • There was a fire onboard the aircraft before it crashed.
  • The 2 pilots were killed in the crash.
  • The pilots tried to land the plane twice before it crashed.
  • Airport officials divert the plane to an abandoned government land (military base), after the plane failed to land at the airport.
  • The plane crashed an hour after its takeoff.
  • The plane first crashed into an empty parking lot, then it briefly took off again, and finally crash.
  • No ground casualties were reported.
  • This is UPS’ first fatal crash in its history.

Betty White on Community Season 2 Trailer

I had posted before about Betty White joing my most favorite sitcom, Community, for its season 2 that airs this Sep 23rd.

Well, here is a short preview of her on the show. She looks absolutely amazing for an 88 year old. I can’t believe that she’s even anywhere near that age, to tell you the truth. I hope you enjoy the trailer.

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Noodle Factory is open again at the Avenues

The Noodle Factory Chinese restaurant, in Avenues, has reopened again. It was under renovations since the beginning of Ramadan, and I’m super glad it reopened again so soon.

I haven’t been there since the reopening, but I will definitely try to go there before 3eed inshalla. It’s located on the 1st floor, beside the old food court, and opposite Lacoste. Their phone # is 24954751

Picture taken from zDistrict Noodle Factory review.

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Why the gloom doom?

Both Al-Qabas and Al-Watan newspapers wrote articles cautioning people about an impeding correction in the Kuwaiti Stock market. Why? Is it because a few, and I mean a tiny few, companies’ shares went up in the last few weeks? It is still the worst performing exchange in the Gulf region.

There are a ton of other shares that haven’t moved one bit. Take Kuwait Finance House for example. It hasn’t moved in price since April. It’s a great bank, solid profits, with serious growth prospects. Sure it took a fall during the months after April, and has now covered all of the market lose. But still, for people holding it since before April haven’t actually seen their investment grow.

Why don’t the papers focus on the Prime Minister’s optimism that the development plans are finally starting. Shouldn’t that be a good positive bit of news?

Please people, stop saying that a correction is due. What we really need is positive thinking focusing on realistic issues. Maybe that way, the shares will have a decent chance of recovering. Just keep the stock market green!

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A Hilarious Kuwaiti Cartoon for my English speaking readers

A good portion of my readers aren’t from Kuwait. And a lot of times, I feel terrible for them because a lot of my posts are local and about Kuwait. So I’m always afraid that the posts are boring them.

Well, I do have a treat for my lovely readers. This an episode of one of our funniest kuwaiti cartoons, BuQutada & BuNabeel. This episode is special because it’s all in English. All 6 main characters travel to London, and have to talk in English all the time.

The episode is called “Literal Translation”, and what’s funny about it is that it literally translates all of local Kuwaiti phrases and dialect into English. Hearing the non-coherent words is hilarious, they actually make no sense when literally translated like that.

This episode is from last season, and I have to thank Nawara from Chai ou 7aleeb for reminding us about it.