Why the gloom doom?

Both Al-Qabas and Al-Watan newspapers wrote articles cautioning people about an impeding correction in the Kuwaiti Stock market. Why? Is it because a few, and I mean a tiny few, companies’ shares went up in the last few weeks? It is still the worst performing exchange in the Gulf region.

There are a ton of other shares that haven’t moved one bit. Take Kuwait Finance House for example. It hasn’t moved in price since April. It’s a great bank, solid profits, with serious growth prospects. Sure it took a fall during the months after April, and has now covered all of the market lose. But still, for people holding it since before April haven’t actually seen their investment grow.

Why don’t the papers focus on the Prime Minister’s optimism that the development plans are finally starting. Shouldn’t that be a good positive bit of news?

Please people, stop saying that a correction is due. What we really need is positive thinking focusing on realistic issues. Maybe that way, the shares will have a decent chance of recovering. Just keep the stock market green!

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6 Responses to Why the gloom doom?

  1. Nivine says:

    Based on the track record of decision making by our esteemed Government, I wouldn’t keep my hopes up neither…we have been turning in circles regarding KSE’s performance for two years now…let’s just wait and see, we might all be wrong here…who hates prosperity after all!

  2. buzfairy says:

    I know, it’s been exactly 2 years since it started collapsing. Isn’t it time already for it to get fixed?

    On the other hand, I’m totally with you, the government is not that credible in following up on its plans 😦

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