Cheap private islands for sale

Did you know that there are many private islands for sale, all around the world? And at affordable and reasonable prices?

Here are 11 of these private islands:

  • The ones on show here range in price from just $595 thousand to $3.5 million.
  • Some are small at just .32 acres, while others can be quite large at 74 acres.
  • The locations also vary; from several of the United States, to a couple of places in Canada, to Norway, and the Bahamas.

A lot of these islands are cheaper than the average extra-ordinary house in Kuwait. How ironic is that? However, some of these islands are quite horrible or are undeveloped.

My personal preference is of course the Bahamas, and for some odd reason, the one in North Carolina, USA. Click here for more details.

Feel free to buy an island and invite us over for a BBQ!


12 Responses to Cheap private islands for sale

  1. babbleq8 says:

    Beautiful, if only….why don’t Kuwait build something like the palm islands in Dubai?
    I’m SURE people would buy them, would boost our economy too..

    • buzfairy says:

      Hmmmm, I’m gona have an amazing dream dreaming about that 🙂

      How about we ask for something simpler, like 24\7 electricity? That wud be awesome 😉 (did i cleverly deliver the hint that we had 2 consecutive days of electric kills this weekend?) 🙂

  2. Nivine says:

    Ee wala ironic….let the handful of people responsible for the unreasonable hike in properties’ prices have a look at these pics!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 7aram the Kuwaiti Citizen, he is doooooomed!

  3. Nivine says:

    I checked the one in Bahamas…I don’t think I can live there, even though it is gorgeous..I would go nuts!!! Jana men Ghair Nass, ma tindass!!!…:o)

  4. q8travelbud says:

    I would be fine with “rob3 ilqaseema” in any island

  5. babbleq8 says:

    Makes you want to cry? Makes me want to pack my bags and run away…..LOL
    I’d love to live in a deserted island, chopping wood for heat, killing animals for food, fish mainly…all abit like Tom Hanks … I may even have my own ball which I would turn into my friend. LOL

  6. Faith says:

    how cheap is cheap? how much Kuwaiti Dinars are we talking about here ? sorry mali khilg adesh 3ala ilsite ;/

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