The ending of Zwarat 5amees

Zwarat 5amees has got to be one of the most controversial Kuwaiti series mosalsal that has aired in a very long time. You just have to go to the blogs, read the comments of posts relating to the mosalsal to get a grasp of how hugely followed it was.

I just finished watching the series finale. I know I’m late, but it has been my habit to watch it on Abu Dhabi at 2 in the morning. For me, the timing works perfectly.

Anyways, back to the finale.

I am really happy that all the boys got back to their wives, and that everyone is in love again. I love how 3iz and zozi got married. I love how the cousin is back in their lives.

What I hate, but have seriously being expecting, is that Mouza’s heart finally gave up. Her 7arrah over the love of her life, who made her live like a queen, but who still goes and marries her sister of all women is very predictable.

In my opinion her heart should’ve gone out when she went all crazy on her kids and grand kids. The betrayal is just too much for a heart to handle.

Seeing her die in the last episode, in that way, was very sad. She should’ve gotten a better closure (i.e. good old revenge). I felt sad. But that’s not new, I think everyone in Kuwait, even the men, love Mouza. She was the perfect wife, the perfect mother, and more importantly the perfect mother-in-law.

I can’t say the mosalsal was great. But it was widely  popular. It made people go back to watching mosalsalat Ramadan (people like me, I’ve got to admit that the last ramadan show I watched this closely was 5alti gmasha back in the way day).

Allah yr7am Mouza, w allah ya5ith eb 7arrat.ha men rayilha w e5it.ha.

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4 Responses to The ending of Zwarat 5amees

  1. q8travelbud says:

    I actually thought she was very nosey … I hate having a mother or a mother in law that looks thru my garbage bin 🙂

    • buzfairy says:

      hmmm… ok….. i have to admit, i haven’t watched the whole thing, i don’t even watch a whioe episode :s

      i’ve got this short attention thing, that only kicks in when i’m watching TV.

      did she actually do that?

  2. B says:

    In my opinion the show started off strong but ended on a very weak note!

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