Penelope Cruz is pregnant

Penelope Cruz is 4 and a half months pregnant. Here she is with Johnny Depp, looking quite heavy, on the set of Pirates of the Caribbean 4: on Strangers Tides.

How is she working on that set? Isn’t that a little dangerous, with all the fighting scenes and water dives?


Unfortunately, I was one of them :(

This 3eed, i took a short 2 night trip to Bahrain. It was the first time I spend 3eed outside of Kuwait since I graduated university.

I don’t think I would do it again, I just missed Kuwait too much. AND came back very nostalgic to it.

I’m Back

I’ve been sick ever since I came back from my short trip to Bahrain. It’s just the flu, but it still sucks. I’m glad to say I’m starting to feel much better today, so inshalla I will be back in full force within the short next days.

So happy top be back!