Glad I wasn’t stuck with them

I don’t know how all of the computers could break at the same time in such an important place. People go to the airport because they have destinations to go to, meeting to attend, hotels to be booked, friends waiting for them. This is totally unacceptable.

Like I said, Glad I made it on time to Riyadh.


Amazing Brunch at the Four Seasons Riyadh

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Ever since I came to Riyadh, my friends got super excited that I would be here over the weekend; which means I get to see the famous Four Seasons brunch. Apparently, Friday brunch is a very important event in Riyadh, especially if it’s the Four Seasons one.

So we went there today. And I had starved my self since yesterday to make place in my stomach for all the yummy food and dessert my friend rave about.

The brunch was amazing. The place was big, even though the place of the original brunch is under renovation along with the main entrance of the hotel. But from what I’ve seen, the temporary place is huge aslan.

There are at least like five different cooking stations. The ones we tried today was the Italian corner, Mexican, Grill, Indian, Chinese, Lebanese, and European style roast beef station. The dessert alone was in a seperate hall of its own. My friends dub it the Amazing Hall. Kids get to enjoy their brunch in a separate hall too, and it did look very fun.

The place wasn’t overly crowded; and it was full of Europeans, cute young Saudi couples, and lots of families with kids of all nationalities.

The food was amazing, the setup was superb, the service was wow, and the crowd was a treat to be with.

My favite food there was the spinach stuffed pasta with cream and mushroom sauce, the pizza, the lampchops with peper sauce, all of the desserts, and the super yummy mini sandwiches.

I highly recommend the Four Seasons brunch to anyone visiting Riyadh. Like really really recommend it. No wonder my friends love it. I want to go there again.