One of the best ads this year

Nike’s “Write the Future” ad is one of the best this year. It’s quite long at around 3 minutes, but it actually entertaining. It’s already been viewed 21 million times.

Check it out!

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Oh come on!!

Lindsay Lohan should be thanking her stars that she doesn’t live in Thailand, Turky, or even anywhere outside of the states. In any other country, she would be probably be facing several life sentences for her drug legal issues.

Instead of appreciating the sweet sentence of like 20 days in some 5 star counseling thing; she goes out and fails several drug tests. Come on Lindsay, get a grip already.

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For once, LV Kuwait is cheaper than LV online

The birthday of a friend of mine was coming up, and I thought of getting her an LV pen, since she is so in love with LV.

I was sick last week and couldn’t go to LV Sal7iya, so I asked them to send me a catalogue. Well, they don’t have catalogues, and told me to check the pen models through LV online.

I found this super hot, shiny, beautiful red pen. And I knew it was the perfect pen for my friend.

What was strange about all this is that the pen’s price in Kuwait is actually cheaper than LV’s online store. Online it’s $365 or KD 106, while in Kuwait it’s just KD 100. I know it’s not that much cheaper, for the fact that IT IS CHEAPER was a nice surprise.

Keep up the good work LV Sal7iya.

Michele Obama: It wasn’t me

There has been some confusion regarding the new book-biogrophy about Carla Sarkozy, called Carla and the ambitious ones.

Apparently; the US first lady, Michele Obama, answered how was life with Carla by saying: “Don’t ask, it’s hell’.

Looks like a car fight to me, I wonder who’s going to in. My bet is on Michele with her amazing biceps.

Ma Elak ella Haifa

It seems that Elie Sa3eb has finally got back in touch with his Lebanese routes. After 18 years, he finally went back to Beirut to do a fashion show… So elmathal or el-qawl is true: Ma Ellak Ella Haifa.