Blackberry display picture issues

I think everyone knows by now that there is a problem with changing the display picture on Blackberry phones. It’s been like that for more than a day now, and there isn’t a solution or even a clarification yet.

These are some of the funny BBMs I got regarding the dp problem:

  • “If you say hakouna matata 10 times loudly you will be able to change your bbm display picture IF no sucess try abra kadabra 25 times it works”.
  • “ur pic taaghyraat shloon                                                                               kaaaaaaaaaak waaaaa7d 9fr”.
  • “تسلم عليكم شركة بلاك بري من كندا و تقول حلفو ما تبوقون الصور و بتفتح الخدمة                loool”.

Have a laugh till they fix the problem!

The grammar, spelling, and punctuation problems came with the BBMs, I just copy\pasted the jokes.


Katy Perry with Elmo of Sesame St.

This quote goes out to a dear friend of mine

One of my friends decided to stay home today, and not go out at all. But she didn’t seem to have fun doing that, so I thought this quote is the perfect thing to say to her. It’s both light and wise.

Bahrain’s sex shop

After reading Frankom’s post about seeing adult costumes at a kids store in Kuwait, I remembered that I had heard about a sex shop in Bahrain a while back. After googling around a bit, I found it.

The shop is owned by a Bahraini lady called Khadijah Ahmad, whom is ironically mo7ajaba and a mother of three.

The shop has been open since 2008; selling all kinds of sex toys, creams, lubricants, and edible stuff. The shop even has an online site, check it out here.

I’m not going to post any of the raunchy stuff, but feel free to check them out on their online site. Now that we know about this sex shop in Bahrain, do you think that there is a similar sex shop in Kuwait, Dubai, or Saudi Arabia mathalan?

The pictures are taken from Reuters.

The annoying orange

This is a very silly video, but it’s a bit funny, and it’s been viewed 32 million times already!

How cute is this?

This is just so cute and adorable.

Don’t forget, Tiesto is coming to Abu Dhabi

Just to remind you music fans out there, DJ Tiesto is coming to Abu Dhabi on Oct. 1st. Check my previous post for details.

Funny freedom of Speech on China

I got these pictures by email, and I thought it was hilarious. This is how you conduct a live TV interview in China, and still be sure of what comes out of people’s mouthes.

What a great move China, it’s actually very smart of them.

Thx K.F.