Happy Birthday Darling

We celebrated my friend’s birthday at the Meat Co. tonight, with drum rolls, singing, and tisherbik.

It’s a very fun way to celebrate. Happy Birthday dear xoxo

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Geeky Lady GaGa

This picture was taken from a speech called the Prime Rib of America, that she gave in a rally against anti-gay policy “Don’t ask, Don’t Tell”.

Do you like look? For me, the huge eye glasses match the jacket and tie ever so perfectly. The final result is a very well dressed nerdy geeky Lady GaGa.

Happy Birthday Darling

Today is the birthday of one of my close friends, so I thought of greeting her with her own post.

Happy birthday darling. May you have a wonderful year; full of love, joy, and happiness.

Can’t wait to see you tonight, I intend on making you enjoy your birthday!

Actors playing Musical Legends

Lulu from Dreams from a Scratch blog had posted today that Sacha Baron might be playing the role of Freddie Mercury, of the Rock band Queen, in an upcoming movie.

I don’t think Sacha Baron is the right man to play Freddie Mercury, he is just too silly to be taken seriously. And Freddie Mercury deserves to be taken very seriously, he is a musical legend after all. Anyways, it got me thinking about other actors whom have portrayed other musical legends. Here are some of them:

Jamie Foxx played Ray Charles in Ray, and won an Oscar and a Golden Globe for it in 2004.

Angela Bassett played Tina Turner in What’s Love got to do with it, and won a Golden Globe for it.

Joaquin Phoenix played Johnny Cash in Walk the Line, and won a Golden Globe for it in 2006.

Val Kilmer played Jim Morrison in The Doors.

After looking at all these actors and actresses, I still don’t think Sacha Baron was the right choice to play Freddie. But I will be watching the movie anyways, and I hope it would be good and entertaining.

Luxury iPad Covers

If you’re like me, looking for a luxury designer iPad cover; then this post is for you.

Gucci, $230 and LV, $366

Chanel, $ 1,555 and YSL, $795

Burberry, $475 and Ferragamo, $290-390

Trussardi, $300 and Oscar de la Renta, $290-390

Dolce & Gabbana, $275

You can get all of the above covers at the label’s website.