My mood for tonight

I’m on my way to my girlfriends, for our regular Wednesday-girls-only-night. And for some reason, I can’t get Shania Twain’s “From this Moment” out of my mind.

I don’t know why, maybe because the words are so easy, or maybe because it’s a favorite of one my dear friends. Who knows why. At least it’s nicer than my regular pop and rock type.


Women Cashiers in Saudi Arabian Supermarkets

Ever since Panda Hyper market, Saudi Arabia,  hired women cashiers to work in their branches; Islamic fundamentalists have asked that the chain be boycotted, for going against the rules of Islam

So if women buy from men cashiers, then it’s fine and Islamic. But if men buy from women cashiers is against Islam? Makes no sense to any normal human being.

Thx R. for the pic.

Paris Hilton denied entry to Japan

Paris Hilton was charged with coke possession a few weeks ago in Las Vegas.

Apparently, the Japanese didn’t take that charge lightly, so they denied Paris Hilton entry to Japan. They made her wait for more than 6 hours, over night, to ultimately deny her entry and demand that she leaves back to the States.

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Cartier Love Bracelet

Look at those lovely Cartier love bracelets. Can you believe that they are more than 40 years old?

My friend wore all three for lunch today, and they’re not hers at all. They belong to her mom, whom had bought them when they first came out in the late 1960’s. This is why when you want to buy something, make sure it’s made of gold or precious gems. That way, it’ll hold it’s value over time.

If you ever want to save or keep jewelry, this is the way to do it. Ma agool elah mashalla.

The Rolex picture is here because she nagged me and nagged me to out it on, to show people the new flowery design on the Rolex’s mina. It’s not worth arguing with her, she’ll just give me a headache.

So here you go Nooni, this post is for you.

New sitcom shows coming this month

Here is a few of the new sitcoms that are coming out this fall, some have already started a few days ago. I still haven’t seen any of them yet, but be sure I will, and very soon. I just love sitcoms.

Mike & Molly

Raising Hope

Running Wilde

Better with you

$#*! my dad says

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Mozart Bonbon found in Riyadh

While I was in Riyadh last week, I spotted Mozartkugel Chocolates, better known as Mozart Bonbon or Mozart Balls. I was so happy I found them that I brought several boxes back for my friends.

These chocolates have been made since 1890, and The same recipe is still being used. It’s basically a chocolate ball filled with Pistachio marzipan, covered by nougat, and then ultimately covered by dark Chocolate.

They are delicious, and you should try to get some if you ever happen to be visiting Riyadh.

Drum Roll at the Meat Co. 360

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Like I had posted before, yesterday was the birthday of one of my dear friends. We went to the South African Meat Co. to celebrate it. The food there is amazing, the decor is wow, and their special drum rolling of the birthday song is not to be missed.

As you can see form the pictures, the food was so good that we finished most of the dishes, especially the amazing starters. The Red Chili Prawns and the Beef Ribs are just excellent. And I think from now on, I’m just going to order them instead of my main dish.

If there is one comment that I need to make, it’s that the place is expensive. Our bill was KD 60, with the tip, and that is just a little expensive for a party of only two. And it’s not like we got a bottle of wine with our food or something.

All in all, it’s an excellent place to enjoy good food, good atmosphere, and a great birthday. The Meat Co. is in 360º Mall, and their # is 25309696.

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