My delicious dinner

I know everybody usually bbqs in chale, but I’ve been having this pasta craving all day. It helps I have a great cook for a friend. Teslamli eedich D.Posted with WordPress for BlackBerry.


Saudi national day

Shakilhum mestanseen… Makent adri they celebrate it there… Shaklah wanasa!

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It’s a full moon tonight

It’s a full moon tonight, and my friends here at the beach started balberring on what that means. Here sre some of their silly funny comments:

– Food doesn’t get digested easily wheb there’s a full moon. Therefore, don’t eat too much these days.
– A full moon will make people fight more more easily. So just be more patiant and tolerate till the moon fades again.

What do you think? Is there any truth behind these myths?

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Chale time

The weather is amazing. I feel really bad that I just came now, I hope – didn’t miss all the fun. It’s still a couple of hours till sunset, so inshalla I’ll have a blasst till then.

Enjoy your weekend people! It’s still summer tume!!

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Happy National day Saudi Arabia

Today is Saudi Arabia’s National Day.

Since I have a lot of Saudi friends and I had just come  back from their capital town a few days ago; I thought they deserved a celebratory post.

Celebrate it well my friends, it’s a weekend after all.

Harry Potter’s new movie trailer

This goes to you all Harry Potter fans out there, the new movie comes out Nov. 19.

This looks very painful

What do you think? Is it painful wela 3adi?

This is Anna Gurbanowa from Azerbaijan, if anyone is interested in who she is.

Oh really? So deja vu

Apparently, a member of Planes’ security (those guys in charge of onboard security) got into a fight with a flight attendant on a Kuwait Airways flight to Beirut.

This reminds me a lot of the drunken security guy who was with me on the plane, on my way back from Bahrain

I don’t really know what happened on Kuwait Airways flight.But from my personal experience and opinion, Airplane security should be better trained and have better manners. They just can’t into fights, by abusing their powers and frightening crew and passengers.