Mariah Carey trips on stage

Mariah Carey tripped on stage in one of her recent concerts. And like a true Diva, she just glides into the flower, like she was reclining on a coach. What a performer!

Btw, they say she might be pregnant, so here’s to hoping the baby is ok.


Gold ATM Machine

Check out this new ATM machine, it dispenses gold rather than cash. It’s located in Emirates Palace Hotel in Abu Dhabi.

Is Villa Moda closing down?

I haven’t been to Vila Moda since before Ramadan, so I didn’t know they were closing down.

A friend of mine went there yesterday, and told me that the place looks deserted, everything is on sale, no new collection on display, and that the place was under clearance. I was shocked to say the least, since I hadn’t heard a thing.

Another of my friends went there today, and I hadn’t told her that the place was closing down. She immediately bbd me telling me something odd was happening. Everything is on sale, and all the materials are from old collections. She told me that Gucci has closed down, and that it’s now being used to display Lebanese party dresses. Prada men has closed down, and Tom Ford was opening in its place.

This is sad. Vila Moda was one of my favorite shopping destinations.

Want to hear a cat snoring?

My guess is this cat is snoring while falling sleep in a glass of vitamin C!

Up up and way in Jlia3a skies

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Have you noticed that everyone was happy, energized, and excited in Chale this weekend?

The weather was amazing, with a cool breeze at night. The water was cool, clear, and high. The people were out and about riding all sorts of things; jet skies, boats, airplane gliders, and horses.

I managed to get a few pictures of one air glider. The guys on it sure looked like they were having a blast. Good for them!

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